1992 Eunos automatic transmission diagram

Having a problem with a missing non standard nut that has disappeared into the valve body.

I’m trying to find a good diagram to show if I can dismantle some parts to get at the missing nut, or if I need  a rebuild,…?

Appreciate any advice.


The manual for 1991 Miata Auto transmission on the Mellens website is excellent and will have everything you need.  However, the website is frequently down, probably because of overload by to many people downloading vast amount of data.


In this Index folder, the auto transmission overhaul file is a 10MB pdf, not the sort of thing people email around.

There was also an update to it in the Extra manuals folder and that is 1.4MB, and mostly about servicing and linkage adjustments.

Good luck.



Thanks, I’ll keep trying that site,…it seems to be busy right now,…