1994 US Spec Miata R Package, Laguna blue, 61k, £9950

1994 Miata 1.8 ‘R Package’ Roadster.

Likely unique to these shores, this is quite simply a beautiful, mechanically original MK1 in outstanding condition. A true joy to drive, this little Miata has been a pleasure to use these past three years of my ownership. Entirely original metalwork throughout - no rust, no welding.

Previously owned by the late Chris Broadspeed of Broadspeed MX5’s and used as their show car. Prior to that it lived in the States with it’s first owners who imported it back to the UK with them upon their return, when it was dry stored for a number of years.

Unusually for an ‘R Package’, this car is mechanically unmodified and stock; engine, air intake, exhaust, transmission, suspension are all original - making for a great handling B road car that manages to be both firm and compliant - untypical for a Bilstein equipped Mk1. 131 bhp engine with 16 bit ECU, Torsen LSD and lovely slick 5 speed 'box.
It has a couple of obvious cosmetic changes: the rear panel which is a genuine Garage Vary item with LED lights, and the replica BBS alloys. It is also fitted with a fob operated flip-up front number plate. Replacement vinyl roof with zip-out glass rear window.

The R Package was produced as a ready-to-race option for a popular production car racing series in the States. Rumour has it that they were given a bit of extra attention back in the factory. Maybe it’s just because of it’s light weight (no power steering, manual windows etc) but this particular car pulls harder and revs more freely than any other 1.8 Mk1 I’ve driven. It feels special, is the best way I can describe it.

Please PM me for more info - I’m very happy to chat at length about this little MX5.

The price is £9,950

I’m based in the Scottish Borders

Please use the Personal Message [PM] system to contact me, click on the avatar (round image) and select ‘message’.


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