1997 Mk1 1.8iS. BRG

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Car is located in Cromer

Price £8000

Please use the Personal Message [PM] system to contact me, click on the avatar (round image) and select ‘message’.

I have owned the car for 3 years.

Full tonneau cover included, never used.

This will be one of the cleanest, totally rust free, standard Mk1’s apart from a silver gear knob and gear lever gaiter surround.

Has an interior boot light fitted in the boot lid which I’m not sure was original or not and easily missed as so snugly fitted.

Photos of the chassis underbody available which will remain clean and rust free for years as the work was carried out by an Mx5 guru, Anand Vaid early in 2021.

Factory panels are I damaged and all trim sections are virtually as new.

Miniscule dings to the lower bonnet edge caused from pushing the bonnet down (not me) to close are there if you look very close.

The original hood is as new with a clear zip out plastic screen which you enclose in a screen protector when you want the hood down.

All glass is factory etched.

Trim is standard unmarked black cloth.

Mazda carpet mats overlaid with rubber mats.

I won’t go on about how well this drives other than to say if you wanted to pop off on a European tour tomorrow you could.

Anyone seriously interested in looking after and enjoying this car please PM me.

I did advertise my car a couple of years ago admittedly at a higher price but I really do have to find a good home as my situation means I hardly get to enjoy any free time and the car needs to be driven.

Happy to re MOT if any needs it.

More photos if anyone is interested plus the underside when it was treated by Anand Vaid back in 2021.


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