1999 MK2 Rear Fog light wiring.

 Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the mk2 rear fog light? All the diagrams I can find don’t have the rear foglight on them. I guess as they aren’t used in the USA or Japan they don’t bother with them.


Also the switch is a little weird. Does it work by tripping a relay with a + signal on then - off? 



 Why ,whats wrong?


 Nothing wrong. I want to replace the fog switch with an alloy Savage switch. I can just rewire the circuit but would rather use as much of the existing loom as possible.

If the new switch is a latching switch (on-off) then you’ll need to rewire it. It would need to be a momentary (off-(on)-off) switch to be a direct replacement. The circuit uses a latching relay I’d imagine…