1999mx5 lagging

I am find that when start driving the first few miles the engine seems to lag a bit and perform very eratically. After about 3 miles it seems to run fine.I have changed all the plugs but it is still happening any idea what I can look at?

what do you mean by lagging? is it coughing and spluttering or just not picking up as you would expect?

Does it start easily??

Yes it does I can’t always reply as I have no internet at home so you have to bare with me. Thanks for reply anyway

When I purchase a new car, I tend to asset the service history and components and then devise a maintenance plan for the following year or two. This usually means spending more than I should in the first year of ownership.
You mentioned that the spark plugs have been changed, might be worth changing the HT leads too as this might be a quick win. My last couple of MX-5’s had slight misfiring problems that were resolved with these easy replacements.

No I haven’t so I may have to.but I think it might be a petrol problem eg,choke?as it only happen for the first 2-4miles.

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It is not picking up as you would expect it seems as if the fuel is not getting through properly for the first few miles.I haven’t changed the ht leads as after 2-4 miles. It seems to be ok.

Master Air Flow sensor…

Thanks for that I watched the video it was good much appreciated,I am not used to use in the site as I have no internet at home but I will practise anyway thanks again.