1st Trackday Recommendations


Im looking to book my daughters first track day in the MX5. (go standard NB Sport)

Im relatively experienced but im looking for something wih similar levels of other car performance (i.e. no race cars testing etc) so as not to scare her on her first go.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.


Where are you based?

Midlands but daughters down south in Brighton

We’re happy to travel though.

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Curborough is a great “1st trackday” as it’s small, speeds are relatively low, and they run one car at a time in a “sprint” format.

It also happens to be in the midlands! :grin:


Have a look at Mazda on Track, their events are well run with a limited number of cars. Good instruction is available from drivers that race MX-5s as well

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2nd vote for Curborough - ideal venue IMO, and one car on track at a time is really helpful for a first-timer! Even on ‘novice’ track days, the pressure of other vehicles around can feel overwhelming.

If you decide to go the MSV route and maybe Brands Hatch, make sure you book a NO TRAILER day so people have to drive home what they bring which should make them a bit more careful and stop racing teams coming.

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No trailer day is a great idea, not seen those before. Might be a Brands thing (I’m up North).

Tbh, I’ve done trackdays with race teams and they can be courteous and patient - with the added benefit of having the best seat in the house to see a GT car blitz past on a straight, flames flashing on downshifts - amazing to see.

I’ve also done trackdays where I have been harassed by road going 600bhp Supra’s with no patience.

I try to watch the first session (as often they will want to get out first - their impatience has a way of being obvious!) and mentally make a list of “cars I don’t want to be on track with”.

(and that’s before we get into the discussion of quick cars on the straight that are slower over a lap… :zipper_mouth_face: )

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Ive found Brands seems to attract Caterham race teams who generally speaking take no notice of the MSV rules “Which must be adhered to at all times”. Main example overtaking in corners.

Tuition. Worth every penny.

I tend to take my ‘new’ cars to Bedford Autodrome on the GT circuit. This is reported to be the safest in the country. It’s pretty flat and because the circuit is wide and long (4 miles) your daughter will have space and time to learn.

I would also advise as others have mentioned hiring an instructor for the 20 min session which can be helpful.

Good luck…

I’d take a look at Motorsport Events. Ed runs his trackdays very well, does not tolerate misbehaviour so they tend to be very courteous. I wouldn’t be put off by the fact some are on airfields, they are still great fun. https://www.motorsport-events.com

I took my son out for a track day in an MX5 yesterday at Oulton Park, a “first” for both of us.

With being new to it, I was keen for us to have some tuition. So I ended up booking the day through Dave Moore, who is an MX5 club member and tutor - Dave is @Barmy1 on this forum.

I’ve had (on-road) driver training before, and I can confirm that Dave is an excellent trainer. We had a really enjoyable day out, using Dave’s car (an MX5 NB) and learning loads of good skills throughout the day. We’ll be taking my car for an outing at Oulton Park soon!

Dave’s website is at: https://trackdaycoaching.co.uk/
(and he works across most UK tracks)



I did my first track day with Dave in his MX5 at Croft in May. It was a 65th birthday present and I had very enjoyable day. I agree that Dave is very good instructor and I also very much enjoyed siting in the passenger seat when Dave was in the driving seat.

Bearing in mind your locations, Snetterton might be a decent option. The 300 is a lovely circuit and if the sun is shining its a lovely day out. We usually stop over at the Premier inn the night before.

I like Curborough and think it’s an idea venue if the location works for you. It’s really a motorsport track so I don’t think they do ‘track days’ as such. The MX5 OC Club has traditionally run a taster day there each year - so one of those would be ideal. Even better would be attending the MUK approved AHASS Drivers’ School days they run. These include instruction on the correct / school-preferred lines and then feedback on performance etc. The day I did we did so many runs I was almost glad to finish! (So it’s very good value).

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