2.5B Front Splitter

I’m looking to fit an aftermarket front splitter to my daughters 2005 2.5B.

The type I’m looking at something similar to this:

Anyone have any recommendations on where to get one from and experiences of fit etc?

Currently it just has the black skirt on which I have had reason to take off and put back on in the past so at least those can be removed easily. The advert above mentions screws but I was hoping the original clip/bolt holes could be recycled. Is this possible?

This is what its going on…

You can get a genuine RS Factory Stage front lip through the Rev 9 store: RS Factory Stage Front Lip For Mazda Miata MX5 NB | REV9

Rather than a cheap eBay copy using “borrowed” pictures of the real thing.

Thanks for that Andy. My only concern is that once you add shipping plus vat and import duty it works out very expensive when compared with a UK sourced lip.

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