2004 Arctic Aircon Condenser for Mk2 1.8 JMZ NB 18P200 413073

2004 Arctic Aircon Condenser wanted. Having difficulty sourcing. Have found a possible in America. Anyone any ideas please as I am clueless and my garage cannot source this.

Does anyone know the part number for this unit please? Genuine on is about £400 but have found a US alternative for about £100 but need to check part number to make sure it will fit

Thanks in hope

Google miata nb aircon condenser and you will see sites like buycarparts.co.uk have listings from different manufacturers. They show dimensional info so it would be a good idea to measure the one you have and note where the ports/connections are

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lots of people usually breaking MK2.5s, try them for one. They are about second hand as I tried to source all AC bits for mine a year or so ago.

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Failing given advice, you could do worse than give these guys a bell.
Looks like they are breaking an Arctic

Thank you I will keep searching

Thank you I will have a look

Thank you. Not replacing it at present as it will be too expensive.

There’s an Arctic in Red Lodge scrap yard near Mildenhall.

Thank you i will check it out.