2004 mk2.5 1.8i euphonic will it have a n LSD

Hi guys quick question my car is a 1.8i euphonic 2004, but is it a vvt if so what does that mean, Variable valve timing? Is it 140 or 143bhp and do they have LSD as standard please. Sadly mine is 5 speed

All MK2.5 MX5 1.8 cars 2001(‘Y’ reg) - 2005 have the VVT engine = Variable Valve timing.

The Euphonic does not have a limited slip differential but the engine is a standard 1.8 146bhp VVT engine.

Nothing wrong with the 5 speed - quite a few owners actually prefer it to the 6 speed. A lot cheaper to replace too if you are extremely unlucky and an MX5 MK1 - MK2.5 five speed gearbox fails on you.

Treat the rust and enjoy the car. 

I have just looked up the spec for the Euphonic and it says that the 1.8 has a Torsen limited slip differential. I do not think this is correct as to begin with Mazda stopped fitting the Torsen to the MX5 in 2002/2003 and replaced it with the Fuji super diff.  

Re-edit - it specifies 5 speed box and the Fuji diff so original spec does include a LSD.

Just read your later post - to go from buying a car that you have very limited knowledge of to upgrading for track use is a huge move. I would suggest baby steps starting with using your car on the track and working out for yourself, with the relevant growing experience what upgrades are required.  

ok tks will LSD make much differnce on track or is it not worth spending extra on it? is it worth fitting cams or is VVT already good enough 

tks it my first MX5 but have done trackdays for over 23 years in far more powerful rwd cars buddy so by no means a beginner just not as knowledgable on MX5. 

Really!! - well blow me down - completely and I mean completely misjudged you.

Have to say I thought you were a clueless young person and basic questions about VVT and LSD having purchased the car seem to confirm that.  

I am also clueless about tracking cars but would go to those that do, specifically MX5 if I were to track, perhaps the BRSCC guys.

Have to say that a standard MK2.5 is not the obvious choice for the track but having bought one I guess you know that.

Tyres, brakes, suspension before engine I would have thought  


Check this thread:



That suggests that the following mk2s will have LSDs:

 - Sport

 - Euphonic

 - Arizona

 - Phoenix

and early mk2 Icons


From what I’ve read, in 2003, Mazda switched from the Torsen to the Fuji diff, with the Torsen being considered the better unit.

lol i have ordered yoko AD08r tyres already and have EBC yellow stuff pads and pagid discs all round and a front strut brace MX5 is a light cheap fun track car. decat and exhaust should improve power a little and ive fitted pipercross panel filter. I asked as surprised vvt ony gains 6bhp over non vvt and questioned if meant variable valve timing. But now I know. I sold cars for 22years from fiats to Porsches just never owned MX5. I onky paid £600 for mine with low miles so was a bargain 2 owner car

In your position I would have bought an earlier(2002) SVT sport with big  brakes, Torsen LSD and 6 speed box.

also likely to have leather seats and mohair roof which could be sold on.    

hindsite is a great thing but when bought it never intended to use on track or keep it if im honest. But once i drove it and how good it was out the box surprised me.

That post has missed a number of cars with an LSD. Much more reliable to check the spec of the car on the Mazda European Portal from the cars VIN number.