2007 zsport headlights

Hi all my headlights are looking a tad faded now before I go and have both my legs cut off (main Mazda if you can still get them ) how do I get them to look like new and as clear as day

Polish them.

However, apparently there is an Armorall kit available that uses wipes and is very effective.

Yep loads of stuff to do them with, special kits, Autoglym Super resin polish or good old T-cut, Auto sol. Plenty of finger rubbing or get a small buffer attachment for your drill/Dremel and do it that way. Mask off the paintwork around the lights first :+1:


My ZSport lights had a little discoloration when I bought it three years ago, a little bit of elbow grease and some mild cutting compound bought them up a treat. Then a little wax to try and stop them discolouring again.

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Some of the kits use an attachment that goes onto a drill from memory. Be careful with those as you apply pressure as the friction generates so much heat that it can burn the plastic (I think - one of my old cars had brown discolouration as I got a little excited thinking “more is better”, as usual :sweat_smile:). That said, done properly it makes a massive difference to how fresh the front end looks. I’ll try to find some before and after pictures.

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This is how it came out after being done professionally. I also had the front end resprayed.

That looks fantastic very clean and bright might just have to go the same route as you

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You can do it just as well and once done, a quick buff once a month keeps them that way.