2010 MX5 2.0L NC Sport Tech Mk 3.5 PRHT, 31,000 miles, for sale

Price £7,300

Hello all, time to sell my immaculate MX5 Sport Tech model with power hood. Full Mazda service history and just serviced and Mot’d. I’m the third owner having bought it from a chap on here in early 2019. The standard equipment includes:

  • full black leather upholstery
  • heated seats
  • air conditioning
  • Bose six CD head unit and speakers
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Cruise Control
  • Bilstein suspension & 17" multi-spoke wheels

It has been very well looked after and has some subtle additions including:

  • a lovely re-trimmed steering wheel by Royal Steering Wheels (thicker, thumb grips, perforated leather and centre stripe)
  • superb Hella DRL from MX5 Parts that are a great safety and cosmetic improvement (Cost £400)
  • colour coded after market rear parking sensors
  • professionally Dinitrol undersealed and engine bay treatment by Preserve & Protect (cost £625)
  • MX5 Parts rear silencer by IL Motorsports to give a lovely sound (original box also provided)

The car is in excellent condition and great fun to drive. Selling as we have bought another property and need to rationalise!
I am in Edinburgh, get in touch for any further info, thanks.


Very nice…

very nice :slight_smile:

Hi all - any further interest before I advertise elsewhere?

Im interested pity your far from me

Lovely drive back home though!

That’s true!

Hello. This is my first post here after a ten year absence after selling my mrk1 in 2010. I’m London/Glasgow based, so Edinburgh is easy enough although I’m in London at the moment. I only add the above in case you where suspicions of it being my first post.
Is the car still for sale, and if it was would you consider a holding payment as I probably couldn’t get up until next week? Many thanks…Robert

Hi Robert - I haven’t advertised it anywhere else yet so its probably save enough without a holding payment. If you thought you would be able to get through next week sometime let me know when that might be.
Also I’m at afmuir@gmail.com if that’s easier


Car now sold, thanks for the interest.