2012 Sport Tech Introduction

Hello everyone

Just a very brief into as I intend to be an active member on here.

I have just bought my first MX5. It is a crystal white 2012 NC Sport Tech Manual with 70k miles.
I’ll post some pics shortly.

I picked the car up a few weeks ago, and have been enjoying it immensely.

I’ve had quite a few performance cars over my 20 years of driving, including several 991’s, fast BMW’s Focus RS Mountune, and most recently a 3.0TDi Audi S4.

The MX5 is the perfect antidote for the modern obsession with more power, turbos and 4WD. I love it.

So far I have done a major service, fittend four new Yokohama’s, fitted a new shift knob and upgraded the headlight bulbs to LED’s and wet sanded and polished the headlight lenses.

I plan to fit some Meisterr zeta crd coilovers this weekend (assuming I can get some delivered on time).

Future plans:
Replace all bulbs with LED’s
Wrap roof black
Small lip spoiler
Possible front lip and side skirts
Upgraded ARB’s
Maybe BBR Super 200 conversion (maybe)…

What else would people recommend?

That’s it for now

Thanks all



Wecome to the forum Antony.
Like the shopping list. If you haven’t done so, add full membership to the owners club to the list, in my opinion it can pay for its self!


Welcome, I’m new to this forum also but it’s been useful and friendly.

Sounds like your goals are pretty much exactly the same as mine, thanks to being blessed with a garage and it being such poor weather for so long I’ve got cracking on it already.

Sounds like a solid plan you have, but then I would say that :+1:

Welcome to the forum, enjoy your Sport Tech ( best colour too!)

Wrap the windscreen surround too.

Thanks guys for the responses and suggestions.

I’ve ordered the coilovers, and should be doing the install this weekend. I’ll hopefully share some pics and thoughts on the process and the results.



f.y.i. Membership I was a visitor before joining in 2019 [I’ve paid £36.00 p.a. by DD for the last 2 years]

Make sure you have it protected for rust underneath, that would be a number one priority for me.

If you intend to venture into the dark arts world of suspension tweaks then don’t forget the 4 wheel alignment as part of the overall package. My similar age and mileage Mark 3’s alignment was well out all round.

Hi all

Just sharing a photo of my NC2

She is no garage queen. I use it every day for work (18 miles across country from Edenbridge to Croydon).
It has done 72k miles and is wearing it reasonably well, but you’d never call it mint when looking up close. I kind of like the patina…! It’s quite liberating.

Jobs done so far:

25mm spacers
Full service
4 x Yokoharma’s
2" shift knob extension + Jass performance metal shift knob
Front bumper spats
Headlight lens restoration
LED bulbs
Small rear lip spoiler

Next couple of things:

Cold air Induction kit
Short shifter
Rear ARB drop links

Next summer:
Uprated ARB’s
BBR Super 200 (maybe)




Welcome enjoy the car and the club, great colour too :slightly_smiling_face:


I like your wheels, could you tell me the specs please?
I assume you are not having to run spacers?

Yes the colour is ace, I also want to get the roof and windscreen surround wrapped gloss black.

Thank you, the wheels were already on the car when I bought it.
They’re Japan Racing JR10, I dont think they have spacers on them I maybe wrong, originally they had a polished rim but looked a little tired so I had them powder coated in a bright silver.
Had the wheels off yesterday they’re 17x8 et35 no spacers

Welcome from a former Thornton Heath boy that escaped to the country :grin:. Car looks very nice, lovely in white :+1:.

Welcome - car looks good, what coilovers did you fit?


Deleted my comment as I misread and replied to wrong post :roll_eyes:.

MeisterR ZetaCRD and they are fab. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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As @Dave_MacPherson says,
Rust proofing and definitely remove the rear bumper to proof behind it.
Mine is a low mileage garage queen but I was shocked how many places had started to rust.