2013 Mazda MX5 NC, 2.0l Venture PRHT

  1. The car I’m offering for sale is an 2.0ltr Venture PRHT MX5 NC, 2013
  2. The car is located near Inverness
  3. The price is £10250
  4. Myself and my wife bought the car back in 2017. We’ve moved house recently and just dont have the time available anymore to dissappear for the weekend and enjoy the car the way it really should be enjoyed. She’s a well looked after example and has been maintained and detailed regularly. Still stock apart from a few small mods (stubby aerial, wind blocker, silertec bulbs and side indicators and Moss Miata gearknob).

The car is listed for sale on Autotrader but we would preffer that it went to a real mx5 enthusiast who will love her as much as we have and keep her in the community.

Please use the Personal Message [PM] system to contact me, click on the avatar (round image) and select ‘message’.

  1. Photo’s of the car

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Hi Folks,

Not really had much interest or feedback on the car from the club and I’m about to head back offshore for work for a month so interested to hear what I could do to drum up a little more and hopefully get a sale when I get back.

I know the obvious is drop the price but is there anything else putting folk off or anything I’ve missed in the listing that I should add.