2016 ND Off throttle grinding noise

Dear all,


I am experiencing a noise when i come of the throttle in 3rd gear - the noise appears around 3000rpm and disappears 2700rpm.

The noise is grinding/scrapping - which is the most noticeable in 3rd gear.


I have read on the net that my problem isn’t isolated, but I haven’t been able to find a solution.  i would really appreciate it if someone

has experienced this problem, or is a characteristic of the car and also would the work be covered under the Mazda used warranty?


Thanks for reading!




The nd is known for gear box problems as your is a 2016 I bet mazda will have great pleasure telling you its not under warrantee 

It is a known design fault so they should replace it under warranty or goodwill as the car may only just be out of warranty. I would not accept “no” for an answer.

I agree with the posters above i.e. this sounds like the infamous gearbox issue which affected some early(ish…) ND series cars.  I believe that Mazda finally resolved this after 3 changes to the gearbox with version 4 finally resolving the issue(?)

Sounds like you have a Mazda Used Warranty on your car - which should certainly cover major components like the gearbox.

Your Mazda dealer should be able to identify which version of the gearbox is fitted to your car & be aware of the problem.

Fingers crossed, if under a Mazda Used Warranty then this should be sorted at nil cost to yourself.

Please do let us know how you get on.



Hi team

I had one of the first ND1 september 2015,i kept ir for three years and drove 23000 miles,with no problems at all but with all the stories of gearbox failures i sold it to buy a ND2 as i did not want that problem out of warrantry,which i have now had for ten months having done nearly 10000 miles so far,[i use it a lot],although no problems with ND1 ,the ND2 is def a great improvement on the original,feels far more solid gearchange and far smoother.


All best Simon

Thanks gents for your replies…


The plot thickens… I took the car into Turnbulls in York and they will not look at the car, as they are unsure about the warranty - the 12 month/12,500 has not been logged onto the Mazda system (sorry, I have forgotten the name of the system).  

The car was serviced by Perrys (who i bought the car off) and the service was not loaded onto the Mazda system.  The Perry’s sales chap has emailed me proof of the service and sent me a copy of the internal invoice from service to sales.

Perrys have ensured me that it will be uploaded and will be showing on the Mazda system in the next 7 days - which conflicts with what Turnbulls have stated which according to them shows immediately.


So, i had arranged for the car to go into Turnbulls today for an interim service, but i had to cancel it as it would mean returning for them to carry out the diagnosis for the gearbox.  I have spoken to Turnbulls on a number of occasions and i am already on first name turns with them!


I will be contacting Perrys today to find out more, but needless to say i am getting bored of this already … frustrating hey.




I have replaced the gearbox under warranty … whoopee hey!

However the noise still remains… weird.

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