2019 Black ND Sport+

Best mods I have done so far: 

Eibach yellow springs & a full alignment

IL Motorsport satin knob 

70% tint

RF wind deflector


Eibach Yellow springs, are they the ones with 40mm drop?


Yes, 40mm drop. I contacted Mazda directly as they were not approved for the ND+ at thew time and they contacted Mazda Japan to confirm that the spring would be compatible.

The car rides much better with the lowered springs, I wasn’t a fan of the roll in high speed corners. No difference in comfort or any compromises.


Where do you recommend for the alignment? (Is that A-Line in Dudley in your pic?)

Can you post a link to the springs you bought please?

I read somewhere the Eibach springs don’t fit with the ND2 Bilsteins…


That better be a load of b******t as I’m getting the Eibach Pro Sport springs (black in colour with 30mm drop) from MX5parts fitted to my 30AE this week!  There was a delay in Mazda OK’ing their lowering kit (Which is Eibach springs) for the 30AE until fairly recently because it needed to be cleared for use with the Rays wheels.

PS: Link to MX5parts, just click on their ad top right of your screen. Click on MK.4 accessories then in the drop-down click on suspension and steering and you’ll find both sets of springs listed.



Yes, that is Aline in Dudley, they did a good job. I’ve previously used chemix in amblecote on other cars includes my NC, they are also very good.

Springs are the yellow ones on mx5parts. I’m pretty sure that they fit.



don’t those statements contradict each other ?

Mine is lowered on the 30mm Eibachs and I see plenty of people say no compromise. I can’t say I agree, the handling is transformed but to say there is no compromise I think is perhaps a bit misleading, the ride is a tad firmer and the re-bound can be a bit harsher in my opinion, its all personal preference but for me the difference in the handling and appearance is worth it. 

I’d be wary of the 40mm yellow springs as I know of owners having had leaking Bilsteins with them fitted. 

You’d think so but i have the 30mm lower Mazda springs in my 2.0 sport nav and the ride is far better as the car doesn’t bob and roll everywhere like it does stock. It doesn’t feel much firmer at all but is a lot more controlled.


Have to agree, We don’t feel it’s any harsher/harder if anything we think the ride is better, more composed and controlled. Think the Bilsteins work better with the Eibachs . All subjective mind,

I’ve now added a Cobalt back box, happy with how the car sounds now. 

The car now feels oem+ maybe how the car should have been from the factory. 

Interested to hear about differences in exhaust note with cobalt back box , at various throttle openings and on over run .

Especially as yours is the 184 plus model, like mine .

Also does fitting affect the Mazda warranty , mind you Mazda have their own uprated sports system where front pipe is cut and replaced with back box.


I was told that it would not impact the warranty at all. My car was serviced one with the exhaust and the service manager complimented the car.

The sound above 2k is just slightly deeper, at high revs it is much louder.

My car had springs and exhaust, its disappointing the Mazda dont offer the car in this spec as its not really a ‘sports car’ without it.

Im selling my back box btw. :wink: