2020 RF Sport Tech - Wheels/Exhaust/Badges

Good evening from a damp & cool Norfolk Broads.
Thinking of fitting a set of Tomason TN16 alloys 7.5x17 to my 2020 RF Sport Tech (184) with 215/45/R17 Michelins. Has anyone upgraded their wheels to this size please, and if so any problems, (e.g. any rubbing / needed longer studs etc.)
Also looking at the Cobra Quad Exit Exhaust, (non-resonated with 2nd decat). Again, anyone fitted these - thoughts please.
Finally, any links to Carbon Badges, (front and rear), other than the stupidly priced ones on CarbonMiata.com? Thanks.

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2020 RF (184) Sport Tech
  2. I’m based near: Norwich
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Alloy Wheels / Cobra Exhaust / Carbon Badges.

Ideally you want a wheel with an offset of et45 or close to it. 215/45 is an ideal replacement and Michelin Pilot Sport 4s are my next tyre to go on in the next couple of days.

The offset is 35 on 4x100 stud pattern. You won’t regret the Pilot Sports - best road tyre ever made!

Welcome. Is your Sport Tech fitted with the forged BBS wheels, I assume it is? Your potentially going to swap out what is a reasonably light and strong wheel for something inferior. If it’s more the look you want then I understand.

The difference in ET won’t be a problem if you aren’t lowered. Also adding 215/45s should be okay on standard suspension. You may need hub rings to help seat the wheels properly, there are likely to be different, not an issue. Standard OEM wheel bolts will be fine too.

I just fitted Pilot Sport 4s on my RF with the BBS wheels. I deliberated about going up to 215/45, but stuck with 205/45, and glad I did. They are much bigger than the Bridgestone S001s. I am lowered quite a bit, 215s would have rubbed, and I would have had to raise the car. I am also running 15mm spacers, to compensate for the 45 ET, which of course add weight, it’s all about compromises!


Thank you Simon - very helpful and informative.