20th National Rally

Hi Everyone. Me and my son will be coming from Coventry and wanted to know how many others are coming from that area with the possibility of meeting up before hand to then travel in a convoy to Gaydon/ It would be great if we could do this maybe even meet up with others from the north on the M40 just think it would be an awesome sight. If anyone interested let us know and we,ll sort summat out between us all. Many thanks see you all there.

hi steve, maybe you should contact the “Phoenix fives” on this forum, they must have loads of folk going from your area.
good luck.

Hi Steve, if you plan to get there at opening time 10:30 you will meet up with loads of 5’s on route. With around 1500 5’s attending you will be very lucky or unlucky if you go all the way with out seeing loads of them. 


that’s the problem Mal, last national I went to i did not see one 5, probably because we were all doing about the same speed on the motorway.



There are plenty of A and B roads to this event…



But be very careful if you come down Fosse Way. But coming from Coventry you are probably fully aware.

what’s happening on the Fosse nowadays?
40+ yrs ago i had offices in Bristol & Lincoln, used the Fosse a lot.

In 40 years… well , Roundabouts, double lines at every crest, speed restrictions,lots of signs telling you about accidents and deaths. Visiting Warwick close by a year ago loony overtook me as I was doing right turn off the Fosse … that is why I suggest care to be taken on the Fosse.

bloody hell, nuff said.
it used to be a really fast road (well, fast for escorts then mk3 cortinas )

If anyone wants to meet up at a central location on the morning of the rally to then drive to gaydon let us know and where you would think would be a good place to meet.From what i have read on other posts a few are meeting up at kenilworth castle which is only up the road so to speak but i,m open to any suggestions.

Hi all just an update on convoy details. It seems favourite at moment that many of us from the Midlands will be meeting up at Warwick services ( southbound )near j15 on M40. Obviously anyone from other areas travelling southbound are more than welcome to tag along. Time wise looking at meeting up about 10 and leaving at about 1030 as only a short drive onto Gaydon from there ok.

Im coming up from Devon on Saturday and staying overnight at Solihull. If you dont mind I’d like to join you. 

10:00 J15 M40…sounds like a plan!

Hi Kuro No don,t mind at all the more the merrier, like I said before everyone is welcome you never know if there,s alot of us we may even get a police escort , now that would be a sight !

Ok ill be there. Anyone know how many might join up with this group. Im bringing my 8 year old daughter and have promised her loads of mx5s.

I,ve been on local area club forum trying to get some confirmation from them that that,s where we,ll meet up , some are on about meeting at a industrial estate which to me and a few others doesn,t sound ideal. I mtself and at least two others have agreed to meet at the services although this is not many at the moment i,m hoping others will decide by Saturday. I do know a regional club from the west is looking at meeting us at the services but again hopefully will get confirmation by Sat. Will post updates of any news on here when I get them.

The wife & I (Dave & Chris) will defiantly come & meet at the services, we have only had this 5 for a few weeks & are rally virgins…never been to anything like this before….very excited!!!

Ill meet up at the services too

Looks like you are getting yourself a convoy Steve