21 years old - Insurance!


I’m 21 years old and am looking at buying a mk1 mx5 1995 Eunos model, can anyone recommend any classic car insurance that might insure me? All the companies I’ve tried so far won’t insure me as i am under 30, and the ones that do are over £700, is this normal just because i’m young? Any recommendations are much appreciated!!


I would have thought anything under £1000 would be a good deal for you. I’m an old gipper now, and I pay £300 a year for nothing mileage insurance on a 96 import.

You have a combination of being young, inexperienced and with a grey import, not an insurance friendly combo.

Hi Josh,
Have you tried asking a family member with maximum NCD to get a quote with you as a named driver it may help.
You do not tell us how long you have held a full license and most important is it clean?

Hi Geri,

No i haven’t tried that in fairness so will give that a go, had my license 3 years 10 months but only 1 and a half years ncd


Beware as I’ve read classic car insurance doesn’t (well some may not) give NCB out. At your age it’s the very thing you need to build up.
I got my daughter at 28 years old as a new driver insurance for a 1.0 litre car from Admiral. Included myself on the insurance as a named driver and in came in less than £800. All other quotes were easily double that.
Doesn’t help as said above having an import, they even loaded the policy for me when I owned my Mk2 import.

Slightly open to not paying out with that scenario.
Much better to insure under your own name but with said family member as a named driver.
Take a look at the Martin’s Money Tips website for tips on bringing your premium down.

£700 does not sound bad for a 21 year old! At your age they are pricing the inexperience rather than the car! And rightly so if they were thinking about my own under -21 driving record! :crazy_face: But you could get £99 TPFT back then as a student, nowadays they avoid that as they assume you’ll torch the car I guess.

My cheap insurance on the AE30 would go up by >£700 to “named driver” my perfect record daughter. But now she’s gone back to uni so I avoided the issue. But some of her friends and other young people I know are often having to pay huge premiums, well in excess of their car’s value.

There are ways to reduce your premium, although you need to think them through. One of my daughter’s friends got cheaper insurance with a “black box” but then got hammered next time as her mum and sister would borrow the car and literally “ drive it like they stole it”!

Good luck.

I think anything under £1500 is doing well for a 21 year old.

Beware of GeryAtrics suggestion, this is called fronting, the insruance companies are on to it.
If you get caught fronting, your insurnace could be voided
Besides that, with the insurance companies being on to it, you may find it’s actually more expensive.

You could try doing it the other way around. Find someone who’s around 50 years old, with maximum no claims, no convictions etc, and try adding them to your policy, you may find it comes down.
Mother and father for instance.
I know you won’t like my next suggestion, it comes with your age group… opt for a black box.

Doing these few things, I more than halved my daughters insurance to around £750.

Year two, the black box still offered a saving of around £300.

It wasn’t until about year three where the black box wasn’t worth having.


£700 is great for a 21 year old!
I am 25 and it would cost me just over £600 to insure myself full comprehensive on my Mk1 (1992), but that is an ongoing project and isn’t road worthy yet…

Is there a reason you are looking at Mk1s specifically?
I have a Mk4 (2017) as my daily and that is just over £700 full comprehensive

It might be worth looking at slightly newer cars if you don’t already own a Mk1
Insurance can start to increase as cars get older for a variety of reasons, repairs become more expensive due to part scarcity etc

I would run a few quotes on cars from a variety of years and see if there is a sweet spot where it is slightly cheaper
If I was to insure myself on my previous Mk3 (2006) it would be just under £600

My Son badgered me for my '90 Eunos for years and I wouldn’t let him have it until the insurance was < £1000. He eventually got a quote for £998 when he was 20! That was 6 years ago so £700 seems a very good price to me.

Thanks all for the help, got it down to £606 in the end with a bit of haggling!


Please fee free to give us a try for insurance if you haven’t done so already.

Hi Josh,

how did your insurance search go? I’ve just turned 20 and i’ve had my 1990 mk1 since January 2021, and i’m looking for an insurance policy too. I know you posted a while ago, but do you by any chance recall what website/insurance company offered you 700 pounds for your insurance? To me, that sounds like a great deal given your age.

Get back to me if you can!



Hello mate,

Yes got it down to about £600 in the end if i remember, however this was with 4k limited miles from Classic Line Insurance

If you wanted some extra miles Adrian Flux seemed good too, think they offered around £900 for 10k miles, or if you have another car their multi car policy seemed decent too

All the other classic insurers wouldnt insure me as I was under 25!


Brilliant, 600 sounds like an absolute bargain! And just to clarify, you were 21 when they offered you that price? Cheers mate!


Yep 21 with 1 year NCD I think