25th Anniversary Edition mirror

I have just swapped my Kuro soft-top for a 25th Anniversary Edition. It’s a beautiful car and I love the having the bigger engine as well as the convenience of the folding roof.

However, there’s one minor issue which is proving to be annoying: every time I lower the sun visor it knocks the rearview mirror out of position!

The mirror is a auto-dimming model which has presumably been “donated“ by a Mazda 3 or something so I suspect it’s bigger than the original manual mirror on the the previous MX-5s I’ve had. Also, on closer inspection, I noticed that the whole mirror assembly is mounted slightly off-centre which obviously exacerbates the problem.

Has anyone else found this a nuisance or have I got a limited edition of 1 car with an incorrectly fitted mirror?!

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This is a close up from the brochure, is a chunky mirror, looks like it is bonded to the screen. Wonder if at sometime the car has had a new screen and fitter bonded it off centre ? Beautiful car the 25th, nearly tempted by one for sale near to me a while back but the sketchy service history put me off.

Yes, it is very chunky, that’s why I suspect it’s just been carried over from another model with more room, rather than being specific to the MX-5. I also wondered if it was a replacement screen but can’t be sure.

Following my original post I had another fiddle with it and discovered it is mounted on two ball-joints, not just one as I first thought. With a bit of maneuvering I’ve managed to get it to just miss the visors now.

I agree, the 25th is gorgeous, probably the nicest colour combination ever. Much better than the 30th I think.

Mine is in super condition, one owner and pretty low mileage with a reasonable service history, mainly Mazda except for one I think. Probably paid too much for it though but isn’t that always the case?!

If i ever do change mine it will be the 25th or a red Recaro ND which seem to be similar prices now but some say the NC is a little more comfortable so will see. Certainly a stunning colour the 25th.

The Recaro is lovely but I’m still not convinced about the Mk 4 I’m afraid. The RF roof is not as elegant as the Mk3 coupe and they just feel a bit cramped to me. No glove box, no door pockets - what were they thinking?!

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