£27K Jimny!

I know there’s some Jimny love on here, I’ve owned a couple myself, now sadly discontinued due to the emissions limits which means those in the network can command a price premium… I drove past this dealership a couple of times over the last week and thought I was seeing things, unfortunately not…

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Never had a Jimmy but trialed the SJ410 way back in 1976 for the Local Authority I worked for at the time, great little workhorse. That new model looks really good :+1:


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Best car in the world…bar one…16 years old and 38.000 miles.
Would i part with it or pay £27,000 for a new one? not a chance.
Here’s mine.




£ 37,000.- :crazy_face:


I liked mine but found the engine surprisingly lacking in torque - more like a motorcycle engine.

Could never understand why they didn’t import the diesel engined version a lot sooner

I really fancy a Jimny. Budget is around £1500, do you think C&M McDonald would haggle?

I’m sure they’d take your £1500 as a deposit… :sunglasses:

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Fancy this one!

$40,000 !!!

Car or???

Definitely Or!

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But aren’t they planning to get around the issues by selling a two seat commercial Jimny with a dealer fitted back seat?

Car or … Supercar Blondie :face_with_monocle:

Yes, I have spotted her a few times :wink:

£37,995.(Used) Blimey!

May be worth buying the first one and flipping it! Not sure I’m brave enough to take that risk though.

Difficult to know who is going to pay these prices.

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It makes my Defender look cheap. :flushed:

Indeed and more realistically priced:

its all because of emissions there are becoming hard to find in the UK so they are now a rare car Suzuki have had to stop importing them