299792.5 Kilometers

Just passed 299,792.5 kilometers, which is 186,282.4 miles, if you prefer. 

Why does that matter?  Well, in its 15 years and 2 months, my car’s travelled as far as light does in a single second.  So its average speed is 0.000000002 x the speed of light [:)] (in the real world that’s a deeply unimpressive sounding 1.4 mph).

Roll on the 300K mark - well done!

Did you notice that by accident or have you been patiently waiting for that moment  ?  [8-|]

I must admit I thought of it quite a long time ago, and had been waiting for it to come around. 

I thought I ought to carry a camera to snap the odometer as it clicked over but, as it turned out, my better half was driving when the moment came.  Today the car rolled over 300,000 km and - wouldn’t you know it - she had the car again. [:(]

How’s it fairing on such a high mileage? Notice any difference with other Mk1s?

Well, it’s been using a fair bit of oil, these last couple of years, but I just top it up every few tankfuls.  And I guess the suspension bushes should really be changed, as the ride’s a bit crashy, but generally, it’s still going great.

How many miles supercharged?

Another mini-milestone, as it happens: I fitted the blower exactly 100,000 km ago.  (62,500 miles.)

I think thats great news, as my boy has only done 56,000 miles (in 17 years!) I still have at least another 130,000 miles of pure joy to look forward to…

Thats superb, you must look after it well. Credit to you.

Thanks, but it would laugh if it could hear you.  I just service it more-or-less on schedule.  Credit to Mazda.