3 Lights Above Headlights

Hi folks.

Complete novice with MX5’s having just bought my first 2002 NB. I am trying to sort out the front lights as it looks like somebody has done some strange wiring mods. Having taken the headlights out I see there are 3 small lights each side at the top of the headlights, this may seem a silly question but are these sidelights as there are also the “ring” shaped lights around the dip & main beam lights. Neither side works although there is around 8 volts going to the outer most one on each side via the sealed black box unit stuck to the back of the headlight, also they look to be wired in series by the manufacturer which I find strange as if 1 goes out they all go out or have I got that wrong? I’ve tested the bulbs and 5 of the 6 don’t work but the rear sidelights and no plate all work fine.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Sounds like a cheap drl after market mod 

ebays finest probably as theres not meant to be 3 lights there 


Perhaps photos may shed some light, if you will pardon the pun.

They sound like those ebay led headlights you can get for the 2.5 

Sorry, i have some photos but don’t know how to upload them, i’ve tried via Albums but it tells me i am not allowed albums 

Try PostImage

Sorry it is probably my ignorance being new to the forum but all i can see is post reply not post image

Sorry PostImage is a web site where you can store images and then use a link on the forum here to show your pictures.

But I agree with others, sounds like some nasty ebay angel light units have been fitted. You will be able to easily get originals.

Thank you all for your help. Obviously being new to the car I thought this was as standard but obviously not, I am now wiser thanks to your help, have ordered some proper headlight units now. Thanks again Geoff

Glad to be of help.


Thats what where here for