£30,000 mx5

A few minutes to fill in an application form and then a few minutes more to pay it off when you get home. Maybe an hour in total. Save a grand. That’s the sort of hourly rate I like. :grinning:


Not quite right, the deferred GFV amount always attracts interest unless its 0%, its like an interest-only mortgage is there is no capital repayments on that part of the loan which in turn lowers the monthly cost.

Pumpkin, Sorry if I was not clear enough - you are correct, the interest (when it is charged), is charged on the whole value after the deposit which as you say includes the balloon at the end…

We did this with my wife’s CRV. Honda were offering a £4k deposit contribution on a PCP with a ridiculously high (imo) APR of 6.9%. Paid it off and benefitted from the discount. We let one interest payment go through as my wife wanted the salesman to get his finance commission which apparently he wouldn’t have had we settled immediately. Would that sound likely @timangus?

Picked up my 69 plate Mk4 GT Sport Nav as a prereg for a shade under £20k. That made it good value, to my mind.

Saw one advertised for £25,000 the other day

Spot on Snelly, no need to apologise just the way I interpreted your thread.


All this talk of the emissions tax in new cars I reckon has kept up the price of secondhand NDs. I got a 2017 Arctic from a main dealer in the Autumn last year for £14k and am seeing that the price quoted for the same now has not taken any hits at all.

Good for you too! :+1:

My 2004 Arctic cost about £18000 to buy new, which is about £28.500 in today’s money. Its probably only worth about £2000 today tops.You most certainly don’t buy a new or newish Mazda with any investment intention in mind or you will be weeping like a lost child in a forest at night!! Just buy it & enjoy it you can’t take it with you.

which is why there is a strong argument to spend as little as possible, as the fun/cost ratio is better - but you also need to consider costs over say 5 years - as many older cars will need more than their cost in repairs. My £1650 Mk 1 has already cost me £1250, but it is s fraction of the cost of buying a much newer car. It also depends on if it is an only car, as this has a bearing…

But think how good you feel about your carbon foot print by running an older car. Just because a car is not new it doesn’t mean it needs to be a smelly pollution puffing banger. Makes a car a longer term investment.

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Personally,I love the homage to the tiny 360! Always liked that car :+1:

Colour scheme may have benefitted from being more cream paint rather than the white but, what the heck.

Incidentally, total pipe dream for me as I wouldn’t put that sort of money into a new car. I know you can’t take the money with you and all that but I have many more daft things to throw my money at! :rofl:

I’ve never bought a car, or anything else, with the intention of selling it later, if I did so-be-it, but it was never a consideration at the time of purchase, it was always a “keeper”, what was going to happen it the future wasn’t relevant.


Think the chap on eBay trying to sell his 30th edition for near on £35k needs telling a new MX5 or hardly any new car is an investment :grimacing:

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£30k is a lot for an MX5.

Then again I just got rid of a 2019 A200 AMG Line Premium which was £32k new and that was a terrible car :joy:

Well, it is a “targa” you know. IIRC Porsche trademarked that, which is why other manufacturers never use it.

He’s also making it non-standard to sell it - there’s something very odd about it. The most he can hope to get back for the mods is what he paid, and I don’t see why a prospective buyer would pay that when he could do his own mods and get what he wants rather than somebody else’s choice. A collector would want it standard anyway.

If he’s reading this my sincere advice would be to drop the planned mods, and the price accordingly. I still think it won’t sell but it might broaden the audience a bit.

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As you say it is strange as says he will be purchasing the upgrades 🤷 So does he plan to get a buyer then fit new exhaust, brakes and a remap ??

I like MX5s but I would spend £30000 on something better.

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Is there a better, new, fun, 2 seat convertible sports car for around £30,000.00? I know you can pick up more prestigious marques for that sort of money, but they’re not new, so are they worth it, taking into account age, running costs, servicing etc, and that they’re probably not as much fun to own and drive? Re the 30AE in the advert - I wouldn’t touch it with a barge-pole!

PS: I did spend around £30,000.00 on an MX5 last year - a pe-ordered 30AE with quite a few accessories. I could have done the other thing but it just didn’t appeal to me.