30th Anniversary Sticker

The 30th Anniversary sticker was included with the recent STHT magazine. It appears that it was just slipped inside and may well have fallen out. I found mine still in the envelope - luckily it hadn’t found its way into recycling. If you haven’t found yours yet, check your envelopes!


yeah i came across my sticker on the floor right where i opened the envolope before walking off to sit and look through the mag!
i saw this round thing on the floor and though whats that? luckily i decieded ti investigate and didnt just trash it!

Hi Gents, Yes, there has been much comment on the location of the 30th Anniversary Sticker just being loose in the main envelope, on Club FaceBook pages, rather than being inside the magazine or glued to the magazine cover or calendar cover.
Therefore, many stickers may well have found their way to members recycling bins🙄
I had to venture out in the rain at 11pm, as the bin men were coming first thing in the morning and drag our wheelie bin into the garage and rummage through it and found the sticker still inside the large white envelope.

Hopefully, ACs will be provided with some stock of 30th Ae stickers to give to members who were not so fortunate in finding them and so no longer have their stickers🤔

Ours has obviously made it to the recycling bin. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Terry and Di

As”newbie in chief” is there a regular place that people stick these? There’s not much glass in an MX5 and I don’t want to look like a twerp if I put it in the wrong place

It is your car and your sticker so put it where YOU want. And if you don’t want to put it on the car then that is fine as well.

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You can have mine if you like. Just ping me your address

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Glad I wasn’t the only one as was really annoyed that mine met its maker and can’t get hold of a replacement….shame it was loose in the envelope although I did find the Halfords discount barcode sticker in a later issue so have learnt my lesson.

I am sure you will be able to get hold of one at the National Rally
We had some, along with all the other stickers, at JapFest and ShedFest
So they will more than likely be in the merch tent at the National

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Hi Ian, unfortunately I had car trouble x 2 (MX5 engine went bang 2 weeks ago and my Freelander 2 power steering pump is in its way out) so didn’t want to risk a third drama…… Looks like everyone had a good time though so will have to wait until the stickers possibly go on show. Kind regards, Simon