30th Anniversary swirl marks in paint

Hi all, picked up my 30th Anniversary ND in December last year (my first ever MX-5) and noticed immediately that the paintwork is covered in swirl marks. I’ve tried to polish them out by hand but hasn’t made a huge difference. Has anyone else had this and anyone with experience of machine polishing attempted it themselves? I have been told Mazda paint is quite soft. Just looking for some advice. Thanks.

I bought an 11 month old VW Golf in Feb from a main dealer and it had swirl marks on one of the doors. When I got it detailed the chap referred to it as a hologram caused by someone incorrectly using a rotary polisher. He got the swirl marks out so good news. Don’t know if your issue is the same but if you can post a photo I’m sure someone can help with advice.

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Sounds like some numpty at the dealership garage was told to wash the cars, but wasn’t careful with the cleanliness of the buffer. :confounded:

That’s what I think, another dealership local had one in the showroom and it was the same.

Its only very light but still annoying.

Hi. It should polish out completely with a medium pad and finishing polish via a DA Polisher
I use Meguiars Pro MF Pad and Pro Compound on most cars of different paint thicknesses and paint hardness. Mazda Paint is thin and soft. So be careful. Ant reputable detailer will do it for you properly, but avoid quick valeters and dealerships!! Where are you located?


Thanks for the advice. I’m Midlands based. My neighbour has all the gear to machine polish and there is a guy local who is excellent but fancied doing it myself. Just a bit cautious with Mazda paint. We’ve done a ford fiesta and the neighbours wife’s Range Rover but just wanted a bit of advice before attempting soft thin paint

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Cheers Ian

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