3rd time lucky

Hi Guys. Im on to my 3rd mx5 and Ive always loved these cars and hate not having one. My first was ruined by my neighbour reversing into it at speed. I couldnt afford to fix it at the time as I was paying for a wedding. To make matters worse I had to watch my mx5 I loved drive round my village for 5 years while someone else got all the fun. In the meantime I bought another about 3.5 years ago and a month or 2 later I get the news we are pregnant! Brilliant news but obviously the mx5 gets sold. thankfully I didnt have to watch this one being driven locally making me green with envy. Now here we are in lockdown and I try to convince my Mrs that now Hugo is coming up on three and we have another suitable family car now is the time for another mx5. She agreed and the search was on. next thing BRG (my favourite colour) mk2, sills done, matching hard top is 5 miles down the road. i went and its was mint and i bought it. Im on top of the world but i cant help but feel sorry for the couple i bought it off who are going to have to watch me drive it round everyday as we work and live so close to each other. o well I will still give them a wave :grinning::wave:


Well it’s great and will bring you many hours of esar to ear grins… ENJOY

Welcome to the MX5 world, it’s like no other.