48.7 MPG. What is your number?

I’ve just completed a 105 mile motorway journey in my new Mk3.5 (2L Six speed). I noticed that the trip has a MPG gauge. So I decided to see what figure I got. 48.7 MPG. I really wanted to crack 50MPG but it was not to be.
What’s the best MPG you’ve seen?

Wolves to oxon and back last week returned 51.6mpg over 196 miles. I was stunned, I drove normally but economically. I have pictures I was so impressed lol.
Car is a 2016 ND 2.0 sport nav. Fully standard engine etc.

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That’s impressive and better than some others:


Best mpg to date for single direction journey in ND 30AE is 54 (according to dash gauge). You may find you do crack 50mpg (on the mpg gauge) on the way back if you have a following wind! I live on the east coast and often travel west 80+ miles. Usually my homeward journey returns significantly more mpg on days when even light winds are from the west, south-west or north-west.
I find though, that most cars’ built-in mpg gauges are on the optimistic side; my One series BMW diesel shows 5mpg above the true consumption and the MX5 ND shows close to 2mpg over the true figure.
Also my summer mpg figures are always higher than mpg in cold weather, for both petrol and diesel cars.
Sorry for boring those who don’t care about mpg, but for those continuing to read on, my observations are born out by accurate records from fill-up to fill-up, and use of an accurately set up ScanGauge on a previous MX5 (1.8 NC).

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ND 1.5…

best = 55mpg (actual),
overall average to date = 53mpg (actual)
MFD reads 3% optimistic.

On all the cars I have owned with an MFD have been optimistic, (last 2 Skoda’s read 8% optimistic)

I got about 3 months to the gallon over the last lockdown… :wink:


My best ever was 30.53mpg - obviously wasn’t driving it hard enough that time.

Overall average since getting the car is 28.74mpg (always measured by actual fuel and mileage, rather than the onboard computer).


…28.7mpg…I simply must try harder :slight_smile:

Perhaps the question should be who has the lowest mpg figure…and probably the biggest grin to go with it!!

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My BMW M140i does single figures if you are having fun. That’s some goal to beat

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My “record” X country pedal to carpet was around 14/16mpg if locked in H+S mode.
( Auto1840cc Mk1)
I’m quite happy with that.
I pass a fuel station before I turn up my road…so it’s all good.
Lovely fit engine though so if I slush-box it in Miss Daisy mode, circa 30mpg…boring.
Their flippin’ sports cars! :joy:

guys with an NA are just dreaming of seeing a number over 30 at this point…

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My daily commute Mk3.5 auto hard top gets 30mpg average but I’ve had 50+ on the motorway

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About 10! :joy: :joy:



What speeds would you be driving at to get over 40 mpg?

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I was frightened when I first bought my NC 3.5 2ltr. PRHT. 34mpg. Now getting to the heady heights of 35, sometimes 36!
Jeez, I was used to 55+ on any other of my cars from the last 30 odd years!
Can you really get 50+ out of one?!
I was wondering how good it could get, maybe I’ll try harder.
It is used as my daily drive of 12 miles, but has regular runs of 50+


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My NA averages around 30 mpg, then again I dont like to hammer it, well she is nearly 30 years old! Did average 40+ mpg a couple years ago with a trip on the NC500 circuit, that was a 1500 mile round trip. I did use to have a 4 litre v8 S Type jag as a daily driver and that crippled me on petrol, averaged around 17-18mpg.


30.5 mpg (mk1) so better than the averages i’ve seen on comparison sites. :yum:

38mpg average for the last six years in the NC; 29mpg worst tankful (four hour snail-pace traffic jam back from Goodwood one year), 45mpg best (two successive tankfuls on a Northumbrian holiday).

42mpg average from new in the 2016 Mazda3; 38mpg on local journeys by SWMBO, 47mpg on family holidays driven by me.

But then my old 1992 1.4SE Astra averaged 45mpg for 205,000 miles mostly going to work on the M25.

So glad I am not the only MX-5 driver who cares about MPG figures!

My 1.8 PRHT MK3.75 averages 39.2 MPG (measured) when my mileage is split equally between motorway, town, and A+B roads driving.

Best was 43.5 MPG during an afternoon touring the Lakes (at an average speed of 50 mph).
Long motorway journeys return anything from 38 to 42 MPG, depending on wind direction and season…
The worst was when i used the car for work, back in May and June, making deliveries around towns and villages (lots of stops obviously): 36.2 MPG.

I am pretty happy with these figures, as I drive a stylish and entertaining convertible, not a box.
The on board computer is also the most accurate of any car I have driven. I wish I could say the same about the oil pressure gauge.

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No sleep is lost on MX 5 mpg here. If it were , I’d think twice about having a second car . FWIW my ND 2 ltr does 39- 41mpg, however I drive it .

My PB was in a Golf TDI 130bhp - remember the fuel strike in 2000 /20001 ish ? I had my ticket for Goodwood Revival and nowt was going to stop me getting there . Two dawn raids on local petrol stations (which were limiting you to 20 quid ) brimmed the tank and I kept to a modest 55 mph all the 300 miles from N Yorkshire . Oddly restful journey , and it didn’t actually take any longer than usual as traffic was so light . 66 mpg !