8th June Donington track evening, anyone ‘hopefully’ going?

Hi all,

Thought I would take a punt and book a trackday, anyone else thinking of doing this one? Hope I can remember what my car looks like once this mess eases up.

Think it’s more than a bit optimistic booking for June.

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Let’s hope for the sake of the economy we are allowed to get the cogs moving again. If Boris allows me to have some fun I will be grateful, someone please tell him that track days should have low R value impact, I will even keep my soft top up.

June 2021!!

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I’ve currently only got Anglesey booked for August with OpenTrack. I was going to do Llandow in June and October but have postponed booking these until circuits open up again.

Did anyone get a slot before it got sold out? Will be nice to get back on track, I have already removed my passenger seat as it won’t be needed.

G’day Si,
Wasn’t confident enough to book sadly.
I think no spectators on site due to covid restrictions, otherwise would have loved to go looksee.
Have a blast!
Cheers, Tim

I’ve scooped Castle Combe on the 8th though if anyone managed to book that one?