8th June Donington track evening, anyone ‘hopefully’ going?

Hi all,

Thought I would take a punt and book a trackday, anyone else thinking of doing this one? Hope I can remember what my car looks like once this mess eases up.

Think it’s more than a bit optimistic booking for June.

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Let’s hope for the sake of the economy we are allowed to get the cogs moving again. If Boris allows me to have some fun I will be grateful, someone please tell him that track days should have low R value impact, I will even keep my soft top up.

June 2021!!

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I’ve currently only got Anglesey booked for August with OpenTrack. I was going to do Llandow in June and October but have postponed booking these until circuits open up again.

Did anyone get a slot before it got sold out? Will be nice to get back on track, I have already removed my passenger seat as it won’t be needed.

G’day Si,
Wasn’t confident enough to book sadly.
I think no spectators on site due to covid restrictions, otherwise would have loved to go looksee.
Have a blast!
Cheers, Tim

I’ve scooped Castle Combe on the 8th though if anyone managed to book that one?

I really want to go back to Combe although this time with a gearbox that has not destroyed itself( correction it broke on the way to Cadwell) I just keep booking Donington since it’s only about 20 mins away. The weather is not looking too great on the 8th , my last 2 track days have been in the rain.

Tim, let me know if you book a day at any point and I will see it I can make it.

Only a couple of sleeps until Combe :smiley:

I am pretty excited , just need to beat my boss in his porsche gt4 (hmm not sure that will happen) .The soft top has also been removed and the battery moved to the boot, just wish I had some half decent tyres.

If you go anywhere near Northampton on your way I can sort you some tyres out.

I wish I could take you up on that but my wife would be pretty angry at me for spending more money on the car. Maybe once my rock hard Toyos wear out.

It’s all shoes!