'91 Eunos Roadster NA6CE V-Special.

Hi all, 

Bought this car in July of 2017 to replace another BRG NA6CE  V-Special I owned for 5 years before. Chap I got it from bought it off a chap who was a member of this forum for a while, and did a fair bit of work to the car. I bought it with exactly 180,000kms, and it now stands at ~258,000. 

(Excuse the missing headlight adjuster cap, that’s been replaced, and the blue Stoney Racing hoses - would rather they were black but that’s how it came, and if it ain’t broke…)

MeisterR Zeta-S, Black Racing 14x6 ‘Watanabe’, 4-2-1 manifold, ToyoSports cat back, Carbing 3 point front brace, Carbing boot brace, front and rear lower braces, Carbing front subframe brace, 1800 front brakes, braided brake lines, various polybushing, Raydyot mirrors, amongst a few other little bits.


Looks superb and especially for that milage, great work! 

Thanks, it does come up rather well! 



Very nice looking N.A., I like the understated look of the mods.

Impressed by 78,000 km in just over 2 years, it’s not a cossetted weekend toy then?  I guess the rust doesn’t have a chance to catch up!!!



Thanks! my aim with the car was to have an (even more) competent B-road toy, whilst keeping it looking relatively standard, with a little 60s roadster feel. 

The mileage is mostly unnecessary, I just can’t resist driving it when I don’t need to. After 7.5 years driving these cars they just seem to get more fun.   



Here,s mine, 13 wonderful years owned, 204,000 kms, 40 mpg,used all year just  come back from Scotland 916 mls in 5 days


Looks a beauty. 
Do you have your own thread for it? 

No thread, havent got a needle big enough, retired engineer here so all maint and repairs done by myself, re dyed seats, wheels restored, whishbones restored,all sorts of mech and elec work done,lots of pics for these processes,now if the I can talk instead of typing it would be a winner 



Nice one Coop!. Good to see it getting used…properly as I have mine for 15 years…sometimes abused as well but not now since it’s refurb.

I’ve a soft spot for BRG NA’s

Here’s mine.

Maybe we need our own BRG section eh?


Lovely stuff ^. I had Panasports on my previous car. 

Few little bits done in the last few days;

  • replaced both shift boots & turret oil.

  • obtained a refurbished PAS rack as mine has been leaking for a little while.

  • new tie rod ends to be fitted with replacement rack - nothing wrong with existing, but whilst I’m under there…

  • new WIPAC headlamps & Nightbreaker bulbs.

- replaced bulbs in dash cluster, fuel one had died so changed the whole lot.

  • fixed faulty OS pop-up; for the last 6 months I’ve had my lights up permanently due to not going all the way up, and eventually failing to move at all, so it’s nice to have that rectified. Wasn’t  as  so now have a spare.

  • heater intake vent cleared from a shartload of debris.

  • cleared many a leaf from inside front wings.

Waiting to have the rack replaced and will have brakes bled, & try and get to bottom of idle droop / misfire type hesitation low down under load, and then onto WIM for alignment.


Misplaced a screw for one of my rear damper adjustment cables, so a couple of those and some anti rust coat for the suspension on the way.

Have an image from back in February.