92 Gold LEAF NA

So where to begin, I originally bought this Eunos roadster about 5 years ago. after about a year of ownership I manage to get in paint at work for a good deal. Then over the Course of the next two years I just drove and enjoyed having five and  I fitted extras like the TRlane roll bar and cobalt stainless exhaust.


Then in 2017 I got offered a job in Canada, so unfortunately I sold the five to a friend.

I came back the UK a for weeks ago and lucky for me I managed to buy my old car back, I had missed it.


Here are some pictures as it stands. I’ve loads planned for it over the next months, I’m going in a different direction with it.  


so after driving around since i originally brought the car on cheap hard ebay coilovers, ive swapped over the suspension this weekend. ive gone back to stock since i cant afford good quality coilovers plus i planing on do a few road trips in her next year.

next to remove is the TR Lane Roll Bar, and get some 14’’ Daisy’s  



Now that does look nice. 

I’ve always liked that colour scheme on Mk1’s and thing it suits the lines, much like it did on the original Elan’s.

Why are you changing the wheels and roll bar? I’d leave it as it is if mine.

Those gold wheels complement the colour scheme in my opinion.

Agree 100% with Bannedbiker. Please don’t change anything. It looks beautiful, stance is great and the wheels are perfect.

I wonder?

Light “champagne” Daisies with a silver rim? Sort of period Minilite-esque?

Probably handle better when aligned!

It’s the old “Food & Wine” personal preference?

I thought the car looked a tad over-tyred. 

Really like the de-badge.

I did the same recently during it’s restoration.


I think it just cleans the classic shape up…but subtlely.



thanks for the comments guys! im going less race car with the five, ive had fun with it on track days but im planning on doing a few long road trips with her next year, so that why try roll bar has gone and the suspension is back to standard.

im defiantly, liking the minilite style wheels/ Daisies, them with and good tyres and ill be happy. then i can sell the one is has on currently, just a shame i put new toyo tr1s on recently.

the car will be going in for a full 4 wheel aliment this week, then the next on the list is to sort out the drivers window that doesn’t work, looks likes it needs a new cable.