A BIG THANK YOU to All Car Competitors & Judges

I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the competitors in the car show and shine at yesterday’s National Rally. We had our share of issues throughout the day which really challenged Dave and myself on our first attempt at running this event and we really valued your support and patience.

I would also like to thank all the Judges, most of whom were new to judging and the more experienced for supporting them. You all did a fantastic job.

Finally, as a competitor and judge myself at previous events, I now realise just how much time and effort our predecessors (Ian McHattie, Mal Jones and their teams) must have put into making previous competitions work so smoothly. 


Thanks again to all involved,


Marcus Ward & David MortiboyS

Will the results be posted on here?  Preferably with pics?


A big thank you to all the people who made the whole day a great success.

       Thanks, Bob


I think u two did a cracking job as first time well done ??

And thank you and the rest of the judges. And the trophy was magnificent!

Thank you Marcus for those kind words.

Our first rally, and first time showing a car. Thank you Marcus for taking the extra time with us newbies.

What a treat to walk away with Best standard Mk1,  especially on this anniversary year.

Stuart and Julie 

Thank you Marcus, David and all of the judges for a well orgainised competition. We had a great day and met some lovely people!
I’ve sent David an email with a bit of feedback.
Thanks, Rich & Sarah.

ThanksMarcus, David and all of the judges for your efforts. We had a great day, met up with some great people and now have some areas for improvement on my car for next years competition.

Thanks again. 

Garry A

The list of winners and runners-up from the Anniversary Rally. Thanks to all who entered and who helped with the judging, scoring and tallying up!

Model of MX-5  Class Status Your Name Vehicle Registration Colour
Mk1 (NA) Daily Driver 1st Michael Jones J786 VOX Red
Mk1 (NA) Lightly Modified 1st Paula Young H362LNA BR Green
Mk1 (NA) Modified 1st Ian Cummins  C6OBS Mariner Blue
Mk1 (NA) Standard Car 1st Stuart Macdonald M792MYK BR Green
Mk1 (NA) Daily Driver 2nd Andy Wilkins L947 GNY Laguna Blue
Mk1 (NA) Lightly Modified 2nd Martin Thorpe P866JNU Silver
Mk1 (NA) Standard Car 2nd Stephen Small R46 MNP Silver

Mk2 (NB)

Daily Driver 1st Sarah Smith AY02KDU  

Crystal Blue

Mk2 (NB) Lightly Modified 1st Ray Tomlinson FX52SLV Yellow
Mk2 (NB) Modified 1st Russell Hart MX51 RUS Crystal Blue
Mk2 (NB) Standard Car 1st Peter Busby GF02RYM Titanium Grey
Mk2 (NB) Daily Driver 2nd Michelle Daffin S235 cpd Twighlight Blue
Mk2 (NB) Lightly Modified 2nd Ian Macdonald  V111 MAC Silver
Mk2 (NB) Modified 2nd Mike Feller M18VVT Silver
Mk2 (NB) Standard Car 2nd Richard C Humphrey MA04WVR Eternal Red

Mk3 (NC)

Daily Driver 1st Craig Sheppard  KM11 ONX  

Dolphin Grey

Mk3 (NC) Lightly Modified 1st David Tidman BJ59 EWP Red
Mk3 (NC) Modified 1st Garry Dring S12 GRD Winning Blue
Mk3 (NC) Standard Car 1st David Mortiboys KE14HRF Red
Mk3 (NC) Daily Driver 2nd Chris Mcgregor RFZ8094 Blue
Mk3 (NC) Lightly Modified 2nd Brian Davis KP 57 BZU Silver

Mk4 (ND)

Daily Driver 1st Richard Owen RW05 UFO  

Artic Blue

Mk4 (ND) Lightly Modified 1st Sue Duval FV16ZZE Crystal white
Mk4 (ND) Modified 1st Chris Aplin Y77 CAA Ceramic
Mk4 (ND) Daily Driver 2nd Arran Stockwell GF15XBU Blue
Mk4 (ND) Lightly Modified 2nd Steve Hawkes KS16 BCF Arctic white