A boot rack next time?

Cheers for that👍
Just a little tip (as it took me a while to pick one up).
I found mine advertised for an MGTF.
Just to widen your search options.
Sure you have worked out (and for those that don’t know) they are exactly the same bag no matter what car they are are advertised for.
FYI :slightly_smiling_face:
Will keep an eye out too as eBay still send interested similar items every now and then.:slightly_smiling_face:
PS if interested for a plug in brake light, piggy back off the RH light. From experience don’t faff with the centre one (certainly on the PRHT anyway) its too long winded and difficult to access etc etc.

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Because it’s not rigid, you can get a lot in the standard 50L. one. It’s what I had before I lost it in a house fire - must get another.

Reduces the concern over the boot lid load limit too - the nature of it means it’s better spread than a rack sitting on 3 or 4 points.

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Is using the fitted third brake light a requirement ? as I was just going to leave it with the 2 rear brake lights.

This isn’t advice but I wouldn’t worry for myself - if everything else is legal i.e. the other lights, and the number plates.

It might not even be illegal - I can only easily find references to MoT requirements which isn’t the same as the Vehicle Lighting Requirements regulations, but says if connected it should work. Well it will work. But if you disconnect it (MoT-wise) it doesn’t have to work. I be assuming I’d be very unlucky to be pulled up for it.

The third light used to be optional anyway as regards being fitted and might still be, but things change of course.

Re the Lighting Requirements I found this which looks recent.


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Coincidentally, I’ve been looking into this re the high level brake light. Consensus appears to be that if one is fitted it has to work and be visible. However, judging by the number of cars I see with bike carriers obscuring lights, it would be surprising to get into trouble for this. Of course, surprising rather than impossible.

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I did a quick bit of research and in some European countries it’s a legality, (hence the extra luggage). UK, wouldn’t bother. I did it cheaply during lock down for something to do. :+1: At the end of the day would “they” actually know the 3rd light was there hidden by the bag anyway :wink::shushing_face:

(Bosley has first choice mind :wink:).
Hopefully comes with all the straps.
Bit cheeky with the delivery cost too, £5 at the most for that really.
Maybe asking a little bit too much dosh :man_shrugging::thinking:

£15…starting bid.
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Good spot :+1: Funny old world as that one never showed up in the searches.

I’m watching one on ebay at the moment as we’re going away soon ,also like the look of the chrome filler cap on Scarletpimpernel’s car, hmm, but won’t mention that one to the wife just yet , :grin:

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The chrome fuel flaps for the PRHT (They are different to the soft top) are like rocking horse manure mind.
I didn’t mention it to the wife either and it took a couple of weeks before she noticed, “How much”! :laughing:
Another one FYI :+1:

Yep, I’m watching that bag as well on ebay, and the Chrome filler caps for the MK3 are about £90 from Moss Europe, although out of stock, so that’ll have to wait a while,and i’ll have to time it right with missus :wink: :sunglasses:

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Word of warning about chrome filler caps/flaps, some are not quite of the same quality as the genuine Mazda branded caps. Sure I read someone sent a Moss supplied one back. Just check if those are genuine Mazda (I don’t think so) as Mx5parts can no longer get them.

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Are you sure you can get more in a Mk2 than a Mk4? We have both and I’m sure you can get the same if not more in the 4. Have a look at this guy with the Fiat MX5124.

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Absolutely correct.:+1:

If it’s not a genuine Mazda one then forget it.

I think the Mk4 is smaller than the mk2 which also has a larger opening. I could get 2 20litre fuel tanks into the mk2 without any problems, (and that had a spare wheel as well!), it is “do able” in the mk4 but only just and takes a bit of fiddling.

Also the mk 2 has the “parcel shelf” which we used to put a bag on. OK you had to take it out and put it back onto the folded roof once it was down, but that does not appear to be an option in the Mk4 as the roof sits “higher” when folded down. Our weekly shop in the mk2 was never a problem, but we can’t get it all in the mk4…again not a major problem at the mo as we are currently get Tesco to deliver! (This means we can get the alcohol in…:slight_smile: )

In guess it’s not a major problem and we have tried packing in anger yet as we can’t really go anywhere!

Hi I’m selling a mk3 bootrack if your interested I all so have one that fits mk1/2 for sale Gerry

Look at www.lomo.co.uk I have used one of their 60l dry bag holdalls held onto the boot lid of my Mk2 with cheap roof rack straps and sat on a non slip mat.
Not as posh as a dedicated boot bag but cheap and cheerful and works fine.
you can use the bag for other trips too.


Hello I do hope you’re well!!! It’s my first time on this - can u help? I have to much stuff in my boot and the boot won’t unlock. I think something clothing is trapped a in between the
Release lock Abd key - can u suggest anything

I’ve been looking into this, nice waterproof bag, new straps and matting off ebay , all in, a good price.
Well worth thinking about :+1: