A few MK1 Interior items and hardtop fixings

All located in county Durham but if postage is needed, we can probably figure something out (maybe not so easy for dash and seats). I’m open to offers if I’ve not priced these realistically.

Everything removed from a 1990 import.

SOLD Pair of Seats - dark fabric. They have the zip out section with speaker seats but no speakers fitted. These are really tidy in the important areas that you can see. There is a small hole (10mm) maybe right at the very base of the fabric on the the passenger seat where it meets the rail. You’d never know it’s the there but see with the seats removed so now I know! The backs both have minor marks. Someone has spray painted the metal base and there is overspray onto the fabric but only on the underside of the seat so hidden when installed. They’ll come with runners which are both fine but could do with a lick of paint around the bolting points. I hope I’ve set the right tone here. These will look great installed but have a few hidden blemishes. £100 collected

Complete Dash, including dash loom and brace bar. This seems remarkably good, I cannot see any cracks or broken fixings. The brace bar shows the usual light rust they all seem to get and the loom has a couple of areas where an aftermarket immobiliser and alarm install has been removed and patched up but it’s complete and all works as it should. There is one small (10mm maybe) hole under the switch area where a hideous aftermarket fog switch used to be installed. I don’t think you can see it when driving because of the angle of the dash but I think you would still probably want to pop a black plug in it. Bolt cover plates all included. £40 collected

Passenger side door card - Black vinyl. Includes the upper padded arm rest section. Nice condition. No tears and hard board banking is not water damaged. £30collected

**A pair of black door arm rests **. Pretty nice. No issues to report. £15 collected

Complete centre console including lid, gear gaitor etc Gear gaitor is past its best but everything else looks good to me. £25 collected

SOLD Instrument cluster 0-220kmh. No MPH scale so I’d suggest this is best suited to having some dial overlays fitted. It has just over 140k miles showing. Nice condition all round. £20 collected

SOLD Frankenstein bolts and hardtop fitting plates with bolts and seals. These seem good but one of the seals is now in two parts so while I’m sure it could be made to work, a new pair of seals would perhaps be a wise move. £15

Pics of everything here except the dash. I’ll try and add pics of that later.

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