A few questions about my new MX-5 NC 2.0 Sport

Good evening all,

I’ve just purchased a 2007 NC 2.0 Sport and have had a lot of fun sampling my local A and B roads this weekend. I have a few questions and hope that I’ve posted in the correct area!

I’d like a little more feel/feedback from the steering and to free up a little more power from the lower revs, and upgrade the exhaust to something with a little more soul without upsetting the neighbours or needing earplugs on a long journey! I like the car as stock so must emphasise that the upgrades would only minimal, and I would only be looking to spend £££s, not ££££s.

Am I living in a dream world or is any of this possible?

Many thanks,


Based on what you want etc, you won’t go far wrong with a Cobalt Stainless Steel rear exhaust box. Looks nice gives a bit more sporty sound without being over the top. Of course there are other units too, but based on what you want go with the Cobalt. :+1: I think you will find many recommend it. I had a go perform one first which was a bit of a mistake, but more or less got my money back.
Moss of Europe are the main dealers for them and they do have sales from time to time.
As far as suspension/steering goes many others have changed theirs so will leave them to answer.

On saying that just looked and out of stock as developing a newer model apparently.
Which is quite interesting really. :slightly_smiling_face:


Plus 1 on the Cobalt.
Sounds great without being too loud.
I’d even go as far as to say, it doesn’t sound any different at cruising sppeds.

Regards more power at lower revs, i know exactly what you mean.
The trick is correct gear selection, keep it above 3,000 rpm.

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ARB’s will sharpen it up . I have red dot RX8 ones on mine, not an expensive step. Also is it lowered/stiffened or standard? I’m running Mazdaspeed springs, there are cheaper options

As for more power? You are looking at ££££

Thanks @richardn :grinning:

It’s on standard bilstein suspension at the moment - I will look into Mazdaspeed springs. Forgive me - ARBs?

Anti Roll Bars :+1:

Ah! Thank you.

Re steering feed back…what tyres do you have? and alignment will certainly help



I fitted Yokohamas to my 2011 NC 2.0L last year. The difference in ride and handling was noticeable the minute I drove away from the fitting centre.

Hi @rodders, it has Dunlop SP Sports all round.

+1 on the cobalt Backbox… Fitted one to mine a few weeks ago and the difference is amazing… A really nice burble, but not OTT and perfectly civil at motorway speeds… It looks the part too!

Only problem is that because it now makes a bit of noise, I now get chavs in beaten up old hatchbacks trying to race… Seriously :roll_eyes:

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@ChrisMK3 :rofl::rofl:
Brilliant! Fortunately I live in a sleepy village so not too many chavs in their 1.2 Corsas here!

Me too! Funnily enough, I don’t just drive around the village… :wink:

Hi @maz566, was it a specific type of Yokohama you got fitted?

Hi @Scarletpimpernel, again forgive me ignorance please! Was it a specific ARB I should look for?

Definitely the Cobalt exhaust! It gives a lovely sound without upsetting the neighbours.

Anti roll bars are also good to get rid of a lot of the wallowing on cornering (from what I’ve read any decent name brand will do the trick), although lowering springs will also do that and then a decent wheel alignment (Wheels In Motion get recommended a lot).

Freeing up more power would entail a 4 into 1 manifold and a remap. Any more power starts getting into the ££££s region…

These cars have a knock sensor, so putting in a higher octane fuel than 95 may give you a small increase in power, as the knock sensor should then allow more ignition advance.
I have put a Pipercross air filter (claimed 30% increase in flow) in mine and opened the air-box a little.
Subjectively,the combination makes it feel quicker but it could just be my imagination as there is now more intake roar.

No worries.
To be honest with you I am quite happy with the way my car handles. I don’t let’s say pussy foot around and like to drive progressively which is generally limited when my wife is in the car! :flushed::laughing: I had the Skuzzle fast road package complete last year and absolutely love it.
As Skuzzle has closed I would go to Roddison’s albeit a long way for me if I had to do it again.
I will leave others to comment on suspension etc and they can best advise which route to go down. You never know I might get an urge at some point to change. Cheers :+1:

yellow dot rx8 ARB

BluEarth AE50. Paid £321 for 4 after a small amount of cashback from Black Circles.