A few things to look forward to when it's over

Without wishing to trivialise the suituation in any way, I thought menitioning a few things we caneventually look forward to would lighten the mood a little;

Hopefully there will be a greater spirit of co-operation and tolerance between countires now that everyone has learned how vulnerable we humans are.
My list of DIY jobs around the house will be shorter.
There will be more trees as the Sunday Times is not coming with a separate magazine advertising curises each week.
A lot of the hoarders’ food will have gone off.
There will be no Eastenders for a while.

Any others?


It will be very good for the environment and seeing the planet recover will hopefully inspire people to consume more responsibly in the future. Also hopefully put an end to the inflated British ego and our undeserved air of superiority.

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People who habitually exercise their right wrist (cough :wink:) twisting the ignition key to drive 700 yards to Tescon might actually walk habitually and work off a few kilos of Pizza lard.

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I took the car for MOT this morning. It’s in a rural location and connected to a lane which eventually brings us on to the canal towpath. Just got back from a 6 mile walk and only came across around two or three couples walking. I’ve only got around 1 mile walk to fetch the car back later.

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we did the same here earlier where we are in Moreton in Marsh (Cotswolds) down a country lane, didnt see anyone in fact, fingers crossed for a pass Mick

Without all the usual pollution from vehicles and planes going to and coming from Heathrow. Stanstead and London City I can actually smell trees, grass, flowers etc., not just that horrible burnt, metallic stink. Let’s hope some of that ability stays post-CV.

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^^^ You know it’s been quiet around here too. We live in a semi rural location but the big blot on that is living slap bang on the flight path of East Midlands airport. It can be scary at times, thinking the aircraft are coming down nearer to you than you want. Many times we have gone outside as an extra noisy plane has gone over thinking noisy b…s. The airport is around 8 miles away but for now it’s lovely and quiet. Just got to close the trunk road now :roll_eyes: that drones in the distance. :grinning:

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Is it me or is it a lot colder because there are fewer vehicles out and about?

Living near Winter Hillwe are on the approach circuit for Manchester Airport. Yesterday I only saw one flight on its way in and two high altitude overflights.

As quiet around my usually bustling post-code as an early Sunday morning in terms of people & vehicles bar essential service/council etc.
Oddly, despite being adjacent to the huge Larbert Forth Valley hospital’s main arterial road, I’ve not heard one Ambulance/ Police/ Fire tender Blue 'n 2 today.
Tesco was easy peasy this morning. More staff than punters at 8 am.
Bog paper, Kitchen roll, tinned branded veg, pasta & rice still absent, but a health abundance of most other regular stuff.
Tesco have allotted to pensioners like us, and “vulnerables” a 9am-10am slot on Mondays, Wed, and Friday.
Come the weekend, the new lock-down “advices” will escalate to enforced apparently but frankly, apart from not taking our cars out, it’s not going to make any huge impacts on us.
Will miss a glen blast though but hey-ho. Needs must and it’s for the best.

Take care all, see you out & about on the other side of this utter festival of dog dung.
For sure, things are never going to be quite the same.
Organisations will see they can cull middle managers, fast food indies will vanish, likely some multi franchises as well. Working from home where possible will increase but I believe there will be thousands of those who end up on a shaky peg with that.
The UK…may wake up to realise it needs more UK based supply chains than rely on imports.
More jobs then? However, the UK will pay heavily over years to come for the following 6/8/10 months. National debt over 2 Trillions…from a Money Tree that suddenly sprouted from nowhere. It’s just plastic monopoly quantitative easing again of course. As if by magic.
Frankly a few things need to be but it’s a hell of a price in terms of deaths , lifestyles, badly needed incomes and general threats to wellbeing to pay. The lesson, not that it will ever be adopted by those who need most to heed it, is that modern society is laced with isolationisim, sociopathy, selfishness, crass lunacy and black hearted thieves & vagabonds…the types thieving supplies from hospitals and spitting on nurses.
Thankfully in the minority…apparently.
It’s also highlighting selfless humanity, and thank God ( where is He just now?) for them.


Day one of semi lockdown here in South Derbyshire. We did our usual walk yesterday not many folk about at all, counted around 4 couples in a 6 mile walk. We went on a little trodden country path taking in the canal towpath on our way back home.
Now Boris has announced the lockdown situation and saying you can go for a walk, many many folks out today walking past where we live. You kinda get to know the regulars, dog walkers etc when you lived here more than 40 yrs. We seem to have a new breed of keep fitters.

Same around her. We’re lucky to live near the edge of town in a semi-rural location. I’ve been riding my bike for one to two hours every second day for around 15 years and did so again today. Yes, it’s amazing the number of “new” riders and walkers you see now
Re the morning slot for over 70s and NHS staff at Tesco; my daughter who is in the NHS went to her Tesco in Oxford on Sunday morning around 0900 and could not get near the place for traffic - banked up onto the ring road. Presumably other shoppers trying for pole position for their opening at 1000.
Let’s hope the panic buying ends soon and that there’s enough left for us unselfish ones who have been only getting what we need.

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What a bizzare thing to do…mix NHS workers with the most vunerable in society…wonder which brain box thought about that…not for long…obviously !
Looking forward to be able to visit family and friends in the UK…

Don’t quite understand what you’re getting at. Dealing with the sick, the most vulnerable in any society, is what the NHS is all about. :thinking:

I think that the comment was in relation to mixing pensioners and NHS staff in Tesco during the “happy hour”, so that the vulnerable people who are self-isolating are brought into proximity with NHS staff who may well have been in contact with virus carriers.

Going back to the initial question, one benefit going forward, in my view, is that the level of hygiene (especially hand washing) will hopefully have been raised across the nation, which should bring benefits by reducing all sorts of other communicable diseases.I am frequently shocked by how low a percentage of people using public toilets bother to give their hands even a quick rinse before leaving :frowning:


Phillip explained it exactly as I intended it to come accross. 5 doctors have died here in France now. They may well have called for a bit of shopping on their way home from or going to work. great idea mixing the old and frail with medical staff…not.

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I am saving ÂŁ25.00 per week on petrol by having to stay at home.

Yet, still the lunacy continues.
Making coffee at kitchen window this morning, noticed a KashKayak or whatever it’s called draw up across the road with 4 young folks in it, only to become 5 from a single bloke in his late 20’s getting in as well. They were having a good laugh and a jolly old time.
Next time I see M****** I’ll step back a few feet and say " Keep away son…don’t know where you’ve been"

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Rest and sleep.

I think you’re referring to a Nissan Cash Cow

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