"A map update for your MX5 is available"

I got an email with this heading and thought “new engine map. That should be fun”.

But the email title is misleading. Turns out it’s just an update for the sat nav. :upside_down_face:

Just turned up in my inbox too, first time I have seen the reduced price with a service offer.

Since your three years of free map updates have come to an end, this update will be chargeable. You can choose between a single time update or 3-year map update subscription.

Alternatively, if you book your next annual service with your local Mazda Dealer, for an additional £45✝ you can combine it with a one-time map update.

Alternatively for around £100 (or less) you can fit AndroidAuto/CarPlay and use Waze which is infinitely more intuitive with free updates and much more alerts / warnings.

I have an ND2. Apparently it has Android car play. My phone is already recognised by the car and I can make and receive calls hands-free. But how do I activate car play?

Have you gone in Apps and selected Android Auto?

No. Is that something to do on the phone or in the car’s system?

It is in the cars system, you need to plug the phone in to the correct socket in the dashboard.

Have a look here Manuals & Know your Mazda | Mazda UK