A newbie from the Wirral on the hunt for his first MX5

Try and get a ‘good’ look at the underside, mechanicals are relatively easily fixed but rust is a bit more specialist.

Hi Alben,

Sound advice, thank you.

Best regards, Graham.

Cheers Steve, appreciated.
Regards, Graham.

Same as yours, I went and looked but was not taken by them

Thanks for the reply. Confirms my opinion, I doubt I’ll be going back in a hurry!

Cheers, Graham

I’m considering selling my NC, if you would like some details please let me know.
2009 2.0 Sport with 6 speed box, heated seats and A/C, 75k miles,
New discs/pads all round.
Changed the coolant, diff & gearbox oil in the last 2 years.
I live in Lytham which is not too far away from you.



@GraBraz Hi Graham, good luck with your search.

I visited Supercar Classics about 4 years ago and that was exactly the attitude I received (so not Covid related). I was actually put off by the salesman’s attitude (especially as there was a bit of rust on the arches for a top-end priced car, but they wanted me to pay for the repair) so I bought elsewhere.

They have been going for many years though so must be doing something right!

Cheers Les,

Thanks for the response.

Not so sure they are really doing anything particularly correct, it’s just at the moment anything sells, so they can affect to be offhand!

Regards, Graham.

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Hi Graham, bought our from Supercarclassics exactly a year ago. 2011 NC 2.0l six speed folding hardtop, 30,000 miles. It was a nice day and loads of people hanging around buying so had to decide there and then. Done 12,000 miles in it and loved it.
Supercarclassics we’re fine, car MOT’d and serviced after purchase. They put on two Landsail tyres on the back which made the handling awful. Had they said I would have paid extra for new Pirellis the same as the front.
Got the car under sealed up near Aberdeen where we live.
Other issues to solve were all around water leaks into the car of which plenty is written on this forum with great instructions on how to fix them. Given the distance I didn’t go back to the garage to fix them, just did it myself the only costs being sealant and a few grommets etc from MX5 Parts. Best to read the various bits on leaks so when you look at a car you are doing it with eyes open. Would buy another car from them but would know more now on what to look for. Might be an idea to get a local club member to go with you, I’m sure they would. Top leak tip, open the glove box, look up to the top left under the windscreen, if it’s rusty, then the groomer in front of the windscreen will be leaking, water might well be under the carpet. Hairdryer, lift carpet dry out, £1.28 for a new grommet, sealant, couple of hours work. Hope you get what you are looking for.

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Hi, thank you for reply, useful information indeed.

Regards Graham.