A newbie from the Wirral on the hunt for his first MX5

Hi All,

Sadly due to ill health, I have just sold my KTM 790 and I have decided to join your honourable company, a I want to buy my first MX5.

Having read the guides (on the internet) to buying a used MX5, I have gained some knowledge, but feel very far from knowledgeable.

I would be grateful for help, having, more or less decided that I need to buy a 2006 to 2009, 2litre MX5 Sport, where and how is the best way to start, bearing in mind I live mid Wirral.

My budget is somewhat limited, to roughly £5500 to £6500 and for that amount I (hopefully realistically) am looking to find a bodily sound and mechanical sound MX5.

Any tips, helpful comments to set me on my way, would be very much appreciated.

Best regards, Graham.

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Hi Graham and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Sorry to hear you’ve got to stop biking due to health reasons, but seeking out an MX-5 is a good choice and alternative. Prices are very high at the moment due to the season, covid, lack of choice etc etc… For the widest search I’d use Autotrader right now (Similar sites available!)… You’ll get friendly advise and help on here, and you never know, someone may be selling one that fits your needs…! :slight_smile:

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You should be able to find a decent one for the lower end of your budget. But as Rob says above, prices are only moving one way for good cars and that’s up.

Decide whether you want a PRHT (power roof) or soft top they will have much the same workings obviously, just the roof difference.

A club owners car will be a good call, should be well looked after, don’t think there are many up for grabs right now. There is one, a sport tech for sale, needs a little TLC around the wheels for around £6.5k, look in the sale ads

Hi Rob,

Thanks indeed for the reply, much appreciated.

I wonder, is it worth just hanging on till later in the year?

Best regards, Graham

Hi Graham.
No problem.
It’s always difficult to see how the market and values fluctuate… Before Covid I believe it was just a seasonal adjustment, but in today’s times am not so sure…!
My advise is to just keep checking out the car sales sites and here - you’ll find the right one.
People sell for different reasons, circumstances changing and needing a quicker sale, and occasionally asking here too if anyone is selling…
Hope this helps,

Hi Mick, thanks for the reply.

Fairly certain I’ll go for metal roof, on the basis that the car will not be garaged at all.

I’ll have a look at club owners cars for sale,though, I’ll try and avoid body work repairs, as sadly absolutely no experience in that department!

Cheers, Graham.

Cheers Rob, it certainly makes sense.

R Graham.

Hey Graham, having left the Wirral with my 2008 to move down south a few years ago I can tell you what I did… there is,or was an mx5 specialist in Neston. I went there and viewed a few but not quite right for me. I ended up buying from Windsors in Wallasey and the car has been great. Probably cost me a bit more as was from a main dealer. Don’t get hung up on a hard top, mine is not and has had no issues for 4 years now and trust me it rains in Plymouth.

Hope this helps


Hi, thanks for the info, appreciated.

Funny you should mention the MX5 specialist in Neston, as I was there last week, test drove a couple of MX5 2litre Sports.

Didn’t buy, as dealer wouldn’t move an inch price wise, despite a couple of issues with cars. Fair enough in current climate, but unnecessarily blunt, literally take it or leave it. So I left it!

I would be interested in your views as to Supercarclassics.

Cheers, Graham.


I went MX-5 hunting a few weeks ago, none of them want to haggle on the price, they don’t need to do it right now.
One particular car I went to view I couldn’t take for a test drive, it was as if they didn’t want me to buy it, funny lot and they were a main dealer. I was prepared to leave a deposit pending the test drive was good but I had to wait a few days. Long story short, they still have the car over two weeks later and have since put £500 on the screen price. They have my details still but I told them to stick it where it hurts (politely) I would never even look at a car in their group stock again wherever that may be.
If you find s good one and it checks out ok, buy it, they don’t stick around long, unless of course if they are a dodgy dealer, you get to suss these types out.

try asking Paul Roddison if he has anything at present MX5 Racing - Roddisons Motorsport (mx5-racing.co.uk)

Sheffield, but it would be worth the trip if he has anything

Prices of convertibles are always inflated in the summer, always best to buy in winter when nobody wants them, but maybe you’ll get lucky.

The mechanicals are reliable if it’s been regularly serviced, but rust is the issue.

Take a torch and get on your hands and knees, check floor, arches and sills. Don’t worry too much about rusty suspension, that can always be painted, it’s the body you need to check, especially sills in front of the rear wheel arch.

Pretty salty in the north west, so there will be rusty ones around so beware.

Also check MoT history online for any mention of rust.

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Too true, I get the current situation, but most dealers at least are reasonable.
For example, Cotswold Mini, who I bought my main car from (for the grand children,etc) were great to deal with, again at a time when used stock was very short.
Anyway, whilst it would be great to get my MX5, there is no hurry, well, within reason as I’m 67!

Cheers, Graham.

Thank you. I’ve had a look online, nothing at present but I’ve bookmarked them and will keep watch.
Regards Graham.

Cheers, really god advice, thank you.
Regards Graham.

Have you looked HERE ?

Cheers Richard, many thanks.

I’ve just looked now, seen a 1.8, that might be worth a visit.

Still available, 2010 Mazda MX-5 1.8, with 76,000KM/ 47,200 miles and up for £5,995.

sketchy details, but with out viewing, seems even in todays climate, somewhat overpriced, especially for a 1.8?

Any thoughts welcomed.

cheers Graham.

You can always make an offer :wink:

TBH he is about right with the mileage and condition check HERE

Given the current market I would suggest that you just go and view as many vehicles in your local area as you feel able to. That way you will get an appreciation of what’s available and more importantly the condition of lots of cars. I carried a pair of ramps and a roll of carpet in the back of the car when I went to view about 10 examples. That caused a bit of a stir with certain sellers though…Once you have seen 3 or 4 you soon get to know what you are looking at in terms of condition and value. You will know when you see “the one”, once you do that you know what price to offer and whether to negotiate. I looked all over the Midlands then found one no more than 2 miles away, low mileage, underside rust free and fully treated. Of course if you want a specific colour, spec, year, mileage etc then you may be looking for a long time. Compromise is the name of the game. Best of luck.

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