A nice little mantle piece model

Just in case others haven’t been in the toys aisle at Tescos. Hot wheels and Matchbox are doing a lovely little model of a Mk1 and 4. Takes a little rummage through but worth it for £1.25 and £1.50. Anyone with a winning blue NA or an ND orange are sorted!


Along side essential shopping as well of course!


I was going to ask that😁

I think they are👍

Now you have me wanting to go to Tesco, it’s normally our preferred shop. It’s 11 miles away but we have ASDA within walking distance and Sainsbury’s within 2.5 miles.
Why did you have to post these?

My mantle has …

Your models are ones I need but if you get no joy I’ll happily post these to you and get another 2 then it looks like you’ll have the set!


Does this make me a car dealer! Haha