A Post About NA Wheels

I haven’t been treating wheels as a priority as bits of my mx5 were cut and welding and pulled about. It’s presently on daises but I think they are a later addition as mine is a 97 is. I think it should be on enkai 15.

I may keep the daises as there is nothing more NA than a daisy but this pic is my screen saver.

Im assuming this car is slightly lower than standard - If so how much 20 or 30mm. Does anyone know?

These look like 205s but unrolled arches. Again would others agree.

Are these 15s or 16s? I’ve nothing to compare it too.

What is the wheel? I don’t think it’s an rs or a Japan rack for a minilite as look where the spokes meet the hub is different. In fact I’ve been trying to work it out for a fortnight.


It should on this 14" wheel unless it is a very late 1,8iS


Feb 97

It had 14" Standard. THe car is not an 1.8iS as it would have had electric mirrors,

Just check your tyre size for the existing (they look like 16" to me)

Your right that one in the pic isn’t an is - mine’s an is. What i was explaining badly is mine lost its original wheels sometime in the previous 5 owners. I either stick with the daisies on it when I bought it, try and find whatever it came with or get those in the picture . But I won’t get those in the picture if I have to do mods as I’ve spent a long time finding and putting the bits back on it someone took off, making up brake pipes as I can’t just buy them for an abs car, getting a proper 475mm cat, actually putting the airbag back in it etc etc etc.

Last of the 1.8iS came with a five spoke wheel