A special thank you to all the helpers

I just want to say a special thank you to all the volunteers/helpers who answered the call both on Saturday and Sunday to help with the setting up and running of this event for the members

I was lucky enough to lead the parking and cinema ‘teams’ and have to say their spirit and energy was amazing. I was particularly taken by the spirit of the two kids Piper and Chris who came along with their fathers and helped out.

If you ever want to really experience the rally from a totally different perspective then can I suggest you put yourselves forward as volunteers in the future (even if the hi-vis and cap clash) its just so rewarding!

Thanks to you all


A pleasure working under your leadership, the hat & mug helped.

Thanks Duane , it was a pleasure to help you and the club on both days , my son Chris and I really enjoyed it especially the drive in movie , so awesome having the soundtrack coming through the cars hi fi . Always a pleasure to help the club at any event , see you soon .Steve

Hear, Hear. Thanks to all those who volunteered to make this a great day for all members 

Thanks to you Duane and all the volunteers for making Sunday a very memorable day.


Thanks Duane I had a really great day on my first time as a volunteer really enjoyed the experience and recommend others to give it a go.  

Will defiantly be volunteering again if available next time