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Newly registered on the MX-5 Owners Club Forum? Introduce yourself here. Please note, this is not the place to raise technical queries, there is a technical area for just that purpose

HI folks,just registerd to the mx5 forum.From Kirkcaldy Scot,I drive on occasions mk2,1999
mx5 sport s 10th Anniversary [ red].Great little car ,trying to keep as original as possible hope to
meet others soon .

Hi from the South West. Just joined the forum thought it was about time as we now have 3 Mk1 MX5s in the family!
My son has a highly modified 91 Mariner Blue Eunos with a Supercharged Forged Basset Down Balancing Engine pushing out 200hp.
We also have a 95 Merlot that is currently being lightly restored for this summer.
The third one is a 1.8 R Limited which my wife has her eye on…

Have just joined mk 3 (2007) in great nick.Live in Peak District.Hope this is the right place to introduce myself.Mick T.

Hi Everyone, new mx5 owner in south east london, i have a mk 2.5 that i am currently working on.

Guys im trying to post a new topic, but it wont let me! can anyone help?

Hi from the North West, a MX5 Venture coming into the family Thursday, my second time of owning a MX5 looking forward to growing old gracefully (Sorry meant disgracefully) with it, based in the Wigan area. Look forward to meeting some of you when we are allowed out Keep Safe Neil

Hi, Thanks for the welcome, I’m already overwhelmed with all the fantastic info on this website but I’m glad to be a member AT LAST of the Kent MX-5 Owners Club with ‘Rosie’ my little red '53 plate Angels.
The profile info asked for what colour red and I haven’t a clue, nor any idea how to find out so perhaps that’s my first forum question but I need to find the right area to ask it!

Hi - Newbie here in Guernsey. I had an MX5 with pop-up headlights 30 years ago and kept it for 10 years - always regretted letting it go. So now I’ve treated myself to another - lucky enough to buy the 100th anniversary edition - gorgeous white/burgundy colourway. Great for bringing home the Xmas tree!

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Just purchased a 10 year old MX5 and looking forward to getting the most out of ownership, hence joining the owners club. The website looks really good so I’m sure I’m going to enjoy membership.
I live in Devon and am looking forward to some sunshine so I can get the roof down.

Hi, I’m a new member and I’m having a problem with my folding hardtop.

Hey folks. New member here. Been driving a Euphonic for the past few years but about to upgrade to a brand new ND