ABS light stays on

 Hi, I have a mx5 1.8s 1998, it has been standing for about 6 months, I have just got it running, and I have an ABS light that stays on. I put the test diode on, and no faults came up. took it for a drive, light is still on, but now the test diode that I have does not light up at all. before it was alight for about 3 seconds and then went out.


Any idea’s

I wouldn’t be entirely sure on the MX5 but i’ve had this twice with both my daughters cars.


On the Suzuki Swift, it turned out to be a crack in the castellated ring. This was pressed on to the end of the drive shaft at the hub end.

Jack up the car and rotate the wheel to see if the ring is cracked or damaged.


Then on my other daughters Alfa 147, it was a faulty ABS sensor. This was pinpointed by Alfa Diags, so didn’t take much finding.


Good luck

It’s worth checking the ABS sensors are clean of rusty deposits. They are magnetic and attract the stuff which can build up until they cause the light to come on. I was working on my son’s Mk2 a couple of weeks ago and they were like baby hedgehogs.

It it can be difficult to remove all the deposits with a rag because of the magnetism, but my tip is to use the sticky side of duct tape.

Thanks for the suggestion, I haven’t even looked at the rear brakes. I will be back.




When I bought my MX5, it had ABS light on.

During full service, I was told it was a faulty sensor at front left, and replacement cost 350…

Hope it’s something different for you, but check your sensors.

The sensors for a Mk2 can be bought for about £35 and it’s a DIY job to replace one if you can change a wheel and have some basic hand tools.




Yes But how do I know the one that is duff?.    surely you don’t just keep replacing one until the light  goes out.






 Whaaaaat??? Just after buying my MX5 I had a full service done at Freelance Mazda, and I was charged 350, as they said that the part itself is expensive and it was difficult to get the old sensor out. (Later I checked on mx5parts and it was 180 there, so just assumed difficult changing procedure of the sensor).

If I knew it can be bought for 35, i wouldve installed it myself then…


Ok, Finally managed to get some codes, I am trying to get the video from my phone on to the computer, so I can post a vid of the codes flashing, I am quite sure it is 11 and 14,  right front wheel and right rear wheel sensor, seems strange 2 sensors on the same side have gone. Would you do one first or both?.  And where can you get sensors for £35,  I got one from China about 4 moths ago , that was left front, but it took a few days to get here. but it did put the light out. now it is back on after being stood for a while.





Have you cleaned off the existing ones yet?

You can pay Mazda OE prices or buy far more cheaply via a certain online shopping emporium which you’ve obviously used quite recently…


Edit: Check the one  you replaced. Did you clean the dirt and rust off the ABS ring before you fitted it?

When I fitted the new one from china , the light went out. the code now is,  11 and 14  front right and right rear sensor, I am going to check them out later with a multimeter.





Today I checked out the sensors with a multimeter, and the front right is duff, so I have ordered another one from china, £12.50. I will let you know how I get on when it arrives, Euro Parts wanted £180.00.





I ordered the new sensor on Saturday,  £10.69 including delivery , it came on Wednesday all the way from china, fitted it today, I had to drill and tap a 8mm hole as the bolt snapped as usual. Light now out. a result. I don’t care if it doesn’t last a long time. I have read threads where people have been charged £350.00 for the same job as I have done, it took me about 2 hours maximum and £10.89.


A Result



Excellent. Shame the bolt snapped, normally it’s a ten minute job.

But I’m glad you didn’t have to involve a garage who often charge folk far too much for a simple job that some people seem to be terrified of just because it involves brakes…

I changed one on the daughters Alfa 147, the bolt snapped on that as well, so I also had to drill and tap.

I did however, grease the new bolt before fitting… might be worth considering for what it takes.

When working on my cars or those of others I never fit or replace anything “dry”, especially components exposed to road dirt. It’s a shame that manufacturers don’t have the same policy…

The ABS light on my Mk2.5 is staying on now - how do you get these codes and the list of what they mean?


Pete S 

You need a fault code reader. Look them up on eBay. Your 2.5 will have a diagnostic socket that the reader plugs into. Earlier cars don’t have the socket.


however, not all readers give codes for anything other than the engine systems.


Thanks. I thought that there might have been some combination of button pushes that would get the odometer to display the codes.I’ll have a trawl through ebay.