ABS Light

Hi folks have had my 5 stored in garage as winter is coming. Started it today after 2 weeks and fired straight away but abs light is on. Could it be from standing and be ok after a run? Was fine when parked it in there 2 weeks ago?


Could be something very simple but you need to get the ABS flash error code to be sure.

Here is a useful thread and another

Often it is the speed sensor on the front nearside wheel that requires replacing.

Report back with the code(s) and someone will advise.

We had an ABS issue with my son’s BMW 120D (among its many other failures and faults, a nightmare of a car - he eventually had to sell it for spares or repair after close to £10,000 was spent on it, mainly on the engine; it’s last dirty trick was to suffer terminal engine failure due to the diesel pump trashing itself, fine metal debris got everywhere in the fuel system).

Anyway, his ABS problem occurred immediately after the car had been fitted with a new dual mass flywheel and clutch. I collected it from the garage and was driving it back to him along the M1, past the M18 exit, when the engine shut down to idle on me - I was in lane 5 at the time, I was very lucky to get safely across to the hard shoulder without being rear-ended.

I found that if I de-activated the DSC the engine would run properly and I limped it 10 miles back to the garage. They found that corrosion under an ABS ring caused it to bulge and make physical contact with one of the rear sensors. Not too surprising it occurred because the ABS ring on those cars is a flimsy, perforated mild steel band pressed onto the CV joint housing outboard of the diff. He had to have new ABS rings fitted to both driveshafts (a mere £300 repair on that occasion).

So your car’s fault could be a piece of rust “growing” from the ABS ring and touching the sensor. I hope so!


don’t panic

did the battery go flat ? or struggle to kick over ?

if so… and this will sound silly…….

mine does this if I let the battery goes flat

I then need to replace the “BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH” Yes…the brake light switch… all fault codes show a negative…nothing is wrong

I change my brake light switch…and all works well again…………….until I let the battery go flat

We have hub with ABS sensor intact if you do need one.The new ABS sensors are expensive

Have you actually tried driving it to see it it goes out? 

Have been out driving this morning but still have light showing so just waiting for new obd reader and will post the codes.
thanks all for your posts

if all that fails…go buy the £11 switch

well have tried driving it to no avail so plugged in obd reader to be told there are no fault codes or owt so guess the brake light switch is next, is thois an easy swap to do or mechanic job?




I bought mine from the main dealer for £11    it twists out and twists in


its easy to do…but easier if you are small !!!


also, have you tried… turn on engine…turn steering fully left, fully right,fully left , fully right ?

If the light is on there’ll be a fault code stored. Are you sure that your reader can read ABS fault codes? Try outputting the codes using a jumper wire in the diagnostics socket under the dash. I think the procedure is in the downloads section. As a quick check, I’d advise checking the resistance of both of the front ABS sensors.

Sorry, procedure is not in the downloads section, see this topic though.