Adding a hard top

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Mk3
  2. I’m based near: Worcester__
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Hard top fitting does the soft top stay in place folded down or does it have to be removed if a hard top is fitted

Hi Eunice… I’ve just found this on here… Hope it helps…!

Soft top stays in place, just folded down…if the car has not had them fitted you will need 2 Frankenstein bolts at the back and probably two side clamps behind the seats in the cabin…easy to fit…

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But pretty expensive, if you have to buy the fitting kit - £350 from MX5 Parts. If you’re buying second hand, make sure the fitting kit comes with it. I bought a used, VGC hardtop with the kit for £450

Thanks for the advice, not fitting one yet but good to have the info ::

Thank you all info helps

Some useful info there. I’m awaiting delivery of my new Volvo and so bought a 2008 Mk3 to tide me over. Safe to say it’s staying. My original intention was for it to be a summer car but it’s now looking like I will have to run it into the winter. I’ve cleared the drain holes but I live at 1000 feet. The wind and driving rain does appear to overwhelm the drains on occasions. I’m also concerned about how the soft top will cope with snow. Is a hard top worth the investment? Will it keep the rain out? I’m m also seeing a lot of fitting videos that show dual clips on the front. Mine has a single centre clip. Can it still take a hard top?

The mk1 and mk2 MX5’s had two clips at the top of the windscreen, your mk3 has a single centre one. Hardtops sit over the edge of where the fabric roof meets the bodywork, so I don’t think they use the drain holes at all, water just runs off onto the bodywork.

When you buy a hardtop make sure it’s for a mk3, and make sure you don’t buy one that’s in two pieces these are for the power retractable hardtop and won’t fit yours. You need the one-piece mk3 hardtop, it’s easily distinguishable from the mk1 or 2 as the glass goes all the way down to the bottom.

(pictures from eBay) This is the correct MK3 one - glass down to the bottom

This is the wrong mk3 one for your car

This is a mk1 or 2 hardtop (see how the glass has a body coloured frame all round it)

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That’s really helpful. Thank you