Adding a LSD to the 1.5L mx5

I started to dig into this topic hoping I could just pick up a OEM 2.0L LSD inside the housing for a easy drop in install but saw the 1.5L and 2.0L use different axel’s. I could source axels as well but that seems like a hassle.

So what other options do I have ? Do any major brands make LSDs that fit into the 1.5L model


As far as I can see the 1.5, 2.0 open diff and LSD on ND models all have the same final drive ratio.
This REAR DIFFERENTIALS (LIMITED SLIP DIFF.) | Mazda MX-5 Europe 11.2017 | Parts Catalogs | PartSouq appears to indicate that they are all the same.
The drive shafts here REAR DRIVE SHAFT | Mazda MX-5 Europe 11.2017 | Parts Catalogs | PartSouq again indicate that only the automatic has different drive shafts.
Please do let us all know what you find out as it would seem odd that the drive line would be different for the two engines.

These are the threads I found on that got me thinking it wouldn’t work. But after seeing your post and now rereading these it might be that they are talking about needing swap drive shafts from the auto to the manual ones :slight_smile: haha

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Thank you for the links. I also think the ‘confusion’ is to do with the auto being different to the manuals.
It certainly looks like you could just buy a complete second hand 2.0l lsd diff assembly, disconnect the prop and drive shafts and simply pop it in. But I would do some more digging prior to making any investments.

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