Adding a USB socket to a Mk2.5


  1. My model of MX-5 is: Mk2.5 (2003)
  2. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: fitting a USB socket

As a newbie to all things electrical, I’d appreciate any help and advice on adding a USB socket to my Mk2.5 please.
Having seen this plug holder I liked the idea of turning a blank switch position into a useful USB charger socket - much better than trailing wires from one mounted in the cigarette lighter getting in the way :slight_smile: But of the hundreds of USB sockets on sale online, what sort of thing am I looking for (for a single socket) and how much of a task would it be to fit it?
Thank you

I’ll be very interested to know the answer to this myself :thinking:

I have something in my 2.5 that plugs into the 12volt socket and has 2 USB outlets on it. Handy for sat nav and phone charger

Thanks for your reply. I have borrowed one of those but found that once you’ve got that sticking out proud of the cigarette lighter, and then the connectors and wiring for your phone or whatever sticking out beyond that, that it seems to me to all be taking up a lot of space annoyingly near to the gear lever. Maybe over time you just get used to it being there, or some sockets are smaller and neater than others, but when I saw the suggestion that you could put a blank switch position to good use, that looked more appealing, as my car doesn’t have heated seats, so has an unused switch position.

What can a new USB socket in the dash be wired up to?

I have a usb plug socket in mine that sits almost flush with the face of the 12v socket. It’s a nice simply neat solution. Nothing sticking out in your way

I had something in my mk2

About halfway down you see a pic of it installed into a blank switch. I wired it to the cigarette lighter and put in an inline fuse.


Yes, that’s exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to be able to get :smile: