Adding custom POIs to ND sat nav

Has anyone worked out a way to add anything custom, but specifically a big 3rd party POI file, to the ND MXD sat nav system.  I know how to do a mapping update but I cant see any way to add something from a 3rd party.  I have added the file to my Garmin motorcycle Sat Nav but its not a device that I really want to use in the car as i have no mount or anything for it.


I believe there is (or was) some sort of hacking tool that allowed users to get quite deep into the operating system for the Infotainment system, but I am neither technical enough or confident enough to attempt this and neither am I sure that the hack actually got you into nav system.  


The file i want to add is “Archies Camping”.  A list of over 30,000 campsites across europe.  On the garmin I use gamin’s pOI loader tool and it adds it to the “extras” category of POIs.  


Thanks, oh and we are off to Europe on Sunday morning so could do with answers (f they exist) soonish.

No is the short and the long answer.

Thought so.