Adding images

Test adding images with photobucket



You need to add the [ IMG] code buddy, that’ll sort it 

OK. So exactly what does that mean?

I have used the tag creating images in web sites but this has me beat! I am also following a concurrent thread, following the instrutions from RoadsterRobbie.

Losing the will to liveConfused


Mike, use the following, without spaces:

[i m g] your link here [/i m g]


in fact, watch:

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ok, that didn’t work.

Are you using the ‘direct link’ option in photobucket?


Hi Ben

I have been following your rebirth thread…gripping stuff so wishing you lots of luck for the future.

Anyway, you don’t know how good it has made me feel that you have goofed on your reply Big Smile

I’m going back to a post I made some years ago where I succeeded in including an image…if you search the forum for

In glove box..What is this?

you will see I have not always been a total dib-edEmbarassed



In the FAQ section

Posting a picture on the forum

Thanks for your support Mike!

Shall we collectively blame photobucket for this one? Wink Being serious for a brief moment tho, their beta version although good is a right pain at times!!