Adrian flux Insurance Thatcham category 1

I own a 2017 launch edition MK4 ND1

Need some help regarding new insurance I’m taking on from Adrian flux it says in terms and conditions

We will not pay any claim under section 2 of this document (loss of or damage to your vehicle) for the theft or attempted theft of your vehicle unless a Thatcham Category 1 alarm and
immobiliser is fitted and is in operation when your vehicle is left unattended.

So my question is does the MK4 ND1 come from factory with category 1 alarm and Immobiliser as standard?



It’s the Mazda MVSS 4000A security system fitted to the ND. Evaluated under Thatcham TC3 – 1460/0509. Documentation link, if you want to take a closer look:

(Note: this is the current document version at time of posting, Version October 2023)

Be aware that even if not explicitly stated, this could imply you are not covered if you leave the car unattended and locked with the roof down since I don’t think that the alarm fully activates unless the roof is closed. I think that my insurance policy states that the vehicle isn’t insured if left with the roof down.

Thanks for reply

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